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Monday 14 December 2020

Sheffield Takeaways near me #5

Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Reviews The fifth edition of my Sheffield Takeaways series and I'm making a serious dent in my try every takeaway 101 in 1001 goal. Lockdown 2.0 has meant this edition has come around super quickly. We should've been going on our honeymoon in November and instead we were still at home and I'm on furlough, so …
Saturday 12 December 2020

Online Dating Trends in 2020

Online Dating Trends in 2020 As we approach the end of 2020 I'm sure I'm not alone in being grateful to see the back of it. It's been one of the most testing and challenging years that I've lived through. I brought in 2020 in Edinburgh celebrating new year with family and fireworks and I had such high hopes for the year, at that poi…
Friday 11 December 2020

How to Add Colour to Your Home this Winter

How to Add Colour to Your Home this Winter Winter in the UK is a dreary time of year and many homeowners often look for ways to brighten up their homes and keep their spirits high. Adding elements of colour throughout your property is a great way to achieve this, regardless of whether you live in a studio apartment or a large farmhouse in the count…
Thursday 10 December 2020

Top Tips to Improve Your Blog in the New Year

Top Tips to Improve Your Blog in the New Year With the new year just around the corner, it’s a good opportunity to give your blog a revamp and seek out areas for improvement. Whether your blog is a full-time job or just a hobby that you work on in the evenings, there are always things you can do to increase your readership and gain more traction. I…
Wednesday 9 December 2020

No Bake Oreo Bars Recipe

No Bake Oreo Bars How many of us fancy a sweet treat after a meal but don't have anything in the house? I'm guilty of it every time. But then I don't always fancy doing a huge bake either to make something so I solved all my problems when I created these delicious No Bake Oreo Bars
Monday 7 December 2020

How to Improve Efficiency at Work

How to Improve Efficiency at Work The global pandemic has impacted many of us in different ways and, as a result, the economy is under a lot of pressure. Lots of companies are struggling to make ends meet and many people have lost their job as a result. If you are lucky enough to still be in employment during these unprecedented times, it might be …
Saturday 5 December 2020

How to date online if you're disabled

Dating Disabled Online Online dating is categorically the biggest way people are meeting each other over half of relationships now start online , further supporting with the pandemic which has seen online dating grow substantially. So it's understandable that dating apps are where people tend to go first when beginning to date. But what happens …
Thursday 3 December 2020

5 Quick Tips for updating your online dating profile

How to make this dating profile the last one you'll ever need to create Online dating can be such a drag! Working out which site is the best fit for you, filling in what feels like a million pages all about you to get zero matches at the end of it. What are you doing wrong?
Wednesday 2 December 2020

Finding love in later life

Online Dating in later life Online dating can seem like a chore at the best of times, nevermind in the middle of a global pandemic - this is heightened even further the older you get. There's a notion that all of the good guys have already been taken but that definitely isn't the case.
Monday 30 November 2020

Where to go while Sheffield is in Tier 3

Places to go in Sheffield during Tier 3 As of tomorrow (2nd December), we head out of lockdown into Tier 3 Restrictions - which you could be confused by because for all intents and purposes they're incredibly similar. Normally at the start of a month I try and highlight all of the fun things to do and places you can go during the coming month. …
Sunday 29 November 2020

3 things movies did not teach me about sex

To all the movies that taught me nothing Sex. As a 27-year-old woman, this word isn't scary, it's quite a normal part of life if I'm honest but getting to that point was fucking terrifying. Mainly due to absolutely terrible sex education in the schooling system and points of references in movies and entertainment being SO WRONG IT'S…
Friday 27 November 2020

10 Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

10 Kids Christmas Gift Ideas Can you believe we're only 4 weeks away from Christmas - I'm feeling very smug this week as I've just completed my present shopping so now I've got a whole month to chill out. I haven't had to buy for many kids though, which I know can be tricky because they change their minds so often. I've put …
Thursday 26 November 2020

Sleigh into Christmas with 6 Chic Glasses

Black Friday at SmartBuyGlasses New-season means new you right? We could use some spice in our lives after the way 2020 has passed. Changing up something as basic as your glasses can really bring some happiness and excitement to your everyday routine, which is why it makes for a great gift this Holiday season! Check out our stylish gift guide to sl…
Tuesday 24 November 2020

4 Locations for a Socially Distanced Date in Sheffield

4 Socially Distanced Dates in Sheffield We're heading into another stage of the pandemic in England with new tiered restrictions taking effect from December 2nd, it's not been confirmed yet which tier Sheffield will be in but I think it's highly likely we'll be on the strictest tier. While this isn't any time to relax there'…
Monday 23 November 2020

How to combat loneliness in lockdown

Lonely in Lockdown Lockdown is a word that a year ago had a completely different meaning and less prevalence. Now it seems to be the main topic of conversation and consistently spoken about in the media, one thing that doesn't necessarily get as much exposure because everyone is focused on covid is the impact lockdown is having on peoples menta…
Saturday 21 November 2020

10 Christmas Home Gift Ideas

10 Christmas Home Gift Ideas We're speeding towards December at hurtling speed so it's time to make sure you're home is ready for the festive season. This guide focuses on cute Christmas home gift items to make your place feel more festive or share the festivities around and buy someone a home present - after all we've all spent mor…
Saturday 14 November 2020

10 Festive Drink Gift Ideas

10 Festive Drink Gifts to say cheers with this year I'm fully on board with an elongated festive season this year and my tree is already up, is it a little early? probably. Does it make me happy? Absolutely. And if 2020 has taught me anything it's to do what makes you happy. Todays guide comes only second to my food guide in my favourite th…
Wednesday 11 November 2020

Road Traffic Accidents in Leeds: When Does it Become a Crime?

Road Traffic Accidents in Leeds: When Does it Become a Crime? Road traffic accidents happen more than 250 times a day in the UK, but when do these accidents become crimes? Discover more, here…
Monday 9 November 2020

Day Zero - 600 Day Update

101 in 1001 days - 600 day check up 600 days ago I started my  Day Zero Project  I don't think with any money in the world I could've predicted what was to come but as we now begin our second lockdown on what has been a ridiculous year it's time for an update on my goals list.  Don't forget to check out my updates to see how I've b…
Saturday 7 November 2020

10 Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him Another weekend closer to Christmas, if you're counting we've only got 7 left including this one so definitely time to get looking for those gifts. All of these items can obviously be bought for anyone it's just easier to group together the items typically bought the men in our lives - I always struggle with…
Thursday 5 November 2020

Sheffield Takeaways near me #4

Takeaways Near Me - Sheffield #4 It's weird how quickly I've assimilated to spending more time at home, eating out used to be quite frequent but more recently I'm enjoying staying home and ordering a takeaway - it keeps me safe, I get lots of yummy food choices and thankfully due to where I live there's loads of options too via Just…
Saturday 31 October 2020

10 Christmas Gifts for Her

10 Christmas Gifts for Her One weekend closer to Christmas and one new gift guide to help you guys with your Christmas shopping this week focusing on the women in your life. Just a quick point - all of these items are suitable for everyone, it's just easier to group together items typically bought for females but trust me the men in my life wou…
Wednesday 28 October 2020

Beauty Empties #1

Beauty Empties October 2020 Oh wow an empties post takes me back, I used to write these years ago and not sure why I stopped. In the last few months due to being home more I've had less opportunity to shop and it's pushed me to try and use up my toiletries I've already got and I thought I may as well get back to showing you guys everyth…
Saturday 24 October 2020

10 Foodie Christmas Gifts Everyone Will Want

10 Foodie Christmas Gifts I can't believe we're hurtling towards Christmas already, there's 14 weeks to go which means you should start having a think about Christmas gifts to spread that cost a little on the run up - I've got gift guides going live to suit every budget and every taste every week on the run up to Christmas starting …
Monday 19 October 2020

12 Easy Halloween Cupcakes you can make at home

Easy Halloween Cupcakes at home It's prime spooky season and there's pumpkins everywhere! I for one absolutely love Halloween, watching lots of scary movies and eating lots of fun treats. Halloween 2020 is slightly different as due to various lockdowns within the UK you're probably can't do Halloween parties or go out trick or treat…
Tuesday 13 October 2020

Cat Subscription Box: Gus and Bella Review

Cat Subscription Box for you and your feline I am a huge cat lover, I couldn't imagine my home without a cat. We adopted Meeko just before the first lockdown in March and seeing him grow and develop a character has been very cute. Obviously he's utterly spoilt with food, treats and toys to keep him entertained and happy but we like to offer…
Wednesday 7 October 2020

How to create a manifestation journal

Creating a manifestation journal to achieve your goals The world we're living in is a strange one that's for sure. It seems like you can't plan anything beyond a few days for changing restrictions. Now is a great time to start thinking about longer term goals and ambitions. One way of doing this is to look into the art manifesting and c…
Thursday 1 October 2020

Sheffield What's On October

What's on in Sheffield October 2020 The 10th month of the year is upon us and more than any other year blink and you've missed it, although this time around you won't actually have missed that much apart from Netflix on repeat and Zoom quizzes galore. New month, new government guidelines to abide by so as ever these events are as schedu…
Wednesday 30 September 2020

The Top 10 UK Destinations to Take Your Relative Living with Dementia

Dementia Travel Ideas Travelling with someone with dementia can be difficult, but if you can find the right location and plan ahead, it can be a great experience for them. Find out the best place to go, right here
Friday 25 September 2020

Cineworld 4DX - Christopher Nolans Tenet

Tenet review - Cineworld 4DX Experience I just adore the cinema, everything about it. From the smell of the popcorn hitting you as you enter to the trailers before to spending time immersed in a film, life can be very distracting, especially currently so escaping for a few hours into a film is like heaven to me. Cinema has evolved a lot and now the…
Tuesday 22 September 2020

New dating terminology post pandemic

New Dating terms for your online dating journey A pandemic is a strange old time, I say post-pandemic but it seems we're going to be thrown right back into a weird lockdown in the UK so if you're single and dating during the whirlwind we're currently living through you should probably be up on the new dating lingo floating around the pl…
Saturday 19 September 2020

123 Flowers Review - Next Day Flower Delivery

123 Flowers Review Flowers are such a versatile thing aren't they! I personally love having a bunch of flowers at home because I think they brighten the place up but you can also gift them for so many things whether you've had an argument with a loved one, an occasion like mothers day or a birthday or even just because (they're the best…
Monday 14 September 2020

How to make your cat happy

How to make your cat happy (and get it to love you!) Cats are curious creatures, they're very self-sufficient and like to give the impression that they don't actually need an owner at all. That's why I love them and why my home didn't feel complete without my Meeko . He's a Maine Coone x Norwegian Forest Cat cross and an indoor ca…
Saturday 12 September 2020

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship To a certain extent, conflict is a natural part of any healthy relationship. Trouble starts when civilised conversations turn into petty squabbles that turn into full-blown arguments. Before you know it, you’re down the rabbit hole and can’t even remember what the discussion was about!
Tuesday 1 September 2020

Sheffield Things To Do this September

Sheffield things to do this month September is here and Autumn is upon us ! And every month that passes a level of normality is being achieved, obviously things are still consistently changing so please check events are still scheduled, maintain social distance and observe any isolations or local lockdowns that are required But now that bits out of t…
Monday 31 August 2020

Must Read Blog Highlights This Month

Blog Highlights: August In the month of August I've enjoyed reading lots of blog posts and seeing what everyone else has been up to this month. It's been a busy month and one seeing my highest blog views since the start of the year so it's nice to see the audiences returning after a covid break. Here are my favourite posts and the blog …
Friday 28 August 2020

How to Celebrate your almost wedding

How to celebrate being nearly-weds First off let's all just take a minute to whinge and moan and cry. If you're reading this you're probably part of the 64% who've had their 2020 wedding affected by Covid19. We are within that number and it still drives me crazy that I'm not going to be a Mrs in September but the world did not w…
Monday 24 August 2020

COMPETITION - Win a £100 M&S Hamper

Competition - Win a £100 M&S Hamper  After the huge success of my last group competition I held for a BBQ I thought I'd join in with more lovely bloggers as a reward for my readers. Blogging has given me a release during this whole lockdown and now things are slowly coming back to normal I just wanted to thank my readers for sticking with m…
Monday 17 August 2020

COMPETITION - Win Countryside Contemplations and Walking Contemplations Book

Win a copy of the Countryside and Walking Contemplations books Lockdown has taught us many things, from how to be more frugal with food, to having date nights at home and everything in between. When we look back and reflect on this time we'll remember how much our country pulled together despite everything, how our daily walks became a ritual a…
Thursday 13 August 2020

How to take the perfect holiday selfie

Tips and tricks for perfect travel selfies We're in prime summer and holiday time for the UK so whether you're visiting one of the few places on our travel corridors or exploring the gorgeous british isles you'll want to document your journey and memories with lovely photos. Whether these are family photos or landscapes they're fair…
Tuesday 11 August 2020

Date Nights at Home with Box42

Box42 Date Night in a Box We're in the middle of a global pandemic (SURPRISE! not) so date nights have taken a bit of a back seat with most couples not being able to head out to enjoy time together, I'd put together a few date night ideas but the guys at Box42 have solved any date night problems completely. They've put together unique t…
Sunday 9 August 2020

Where to find paid blogging opportunities in the UK

Get Paid to Blog in the UK Blogging is such a fun hobby, it's one I've played with on and off for over 10 years now, from using it as a kind of online diary to connecting with people with similar interests to finally changing it to become a hub for everything Sheffield.
Saturday 8 August 2020

5 Sheffield Takeaways Near Me #3

Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Back on my 101 in 1001 goals list was to try Takeaways that deliver to me, I didn't realise that my love for eating out and trying new Sheffield restaurants and independent spaces would take on a whole at home meaning during 2020 but here we are. It's meant that I'm now onto the 3rd edition of my Takeaway run…
Thursday 6 August 2020

Cineworld Sheffield Unhinged Review

Unhinged Movie Review It's been months since our last Cineworld Sheffield trip, our last film before lockdown was Fantasy Island which was your typical cringey horror but as mine and Connors first date was seeing a cringey horror (Truth or Dare) we do have quite a soft spot for them. Anyway fast forward through oh you know just a global pandemic…
Saturday 1 August 2020

August Things to Do in Sheffield Guide

What's on in Sheffield August 2020 I'm so glad I decided to return to creating my what's on guides last month, the situation changes often and it's important to note that some events etc. may change as local lockdowns occur or as government guidelines change. But ultimately Sheffield independents need us out there, they need us to v…
Friday 31 July 2020

Day Zero 500 day update

101 in 1001 days - 500 day check up A whole 500 days since I started my  Day Zero Project  I'm half way through I can't believe it! I really need to gear up and try and tick a few of these off. The last 100 days have flown by with not a lot to write home about (thanks for that covid) so hopefully now normality is slowly resuming I can get sta…
Tuesday 28 July 2020

Must Read Blog Posts This Month - July 2020

The Must Read Blog Posts This Month It's been a couple of months since I last created a round up of my favourite posts, like the rest of the world everything just went on hold for a while, but I'm trying to get back into a solid routine which also means sharing my favourite blog posts that I've come across this month.  You can still read…
Sunday 26 July 2020

How to host a celebration post lockdown

Hosting a celebration after Lockdown Lockdown in the UK is slowly easing and an element of normality returning, but with quite a few changes to the new normal. Now if you're out and about shopping then you'll be wearing a face mask, but what if you have a celebration upcoming? How is it possible to host an event after lockdown and what are …
Wednesday 8 July 2020

Cookie Explosion Recipe with Jack's

Cookie Explosion Hot Cookie Dough Recipe We've all become master bakers in lockdown right?  All this spare time and lack of being able to eat out has made everyone a lot more creative in the kitchen whether they're cooking a 3 course meal or baking some sweet treats - chances are your social media is now full of absolute culinary experts who…
Sunday 5 July 2020

COMPETITION - Win A Personalised Water Bottle

Win a Personalised Water Bottle Hands up who doesn't drink enough water. Even more so since the start of lockdown I think so many of us are so stuck into what work we're doing we might forget to drink, normal everyday life could see you at the water cooler taking a break in the office which a lot of people don't do as much when they'…
Wednesday 1 July 2020

July Things to Do in Sheffield Guide

What's on In Sheffield July 2020 Wow it's been a whole 3 months since I last wrote a 'What's on in Sheffield' post because lets be fair apart from showcasing what fabulous tv shows you've been watching and homemade cocktail nights there's not been a whole heap of things you can do. We're slowly returning to normality…
Saturday 27 June 2020

Meet Meeko

Meeko the Maine Coon x Norwegian Forest Cat Anyone that knows me knows that my house isn't a home without a little feline cat wandering around the place. I'd lived in my home only 2 weeks before I had my little Tilly cat. She was the most beautiful cat who sadly passed away at the start of 2020, she'd lead a very good life and old age c…
Wednesday 17 June 2020

4 Lockdown Relationship Problems SOLVED

How to solve relationship problems in lockdown It's a weird old world we're living in right now and relationships are being tested to limits we never knew existed before. Obviously, a pandemic isn't the best scenario for cultivating a relationship, and you may be encountering relationship problems you would've never had to in a norm…
Monday 15 June 2020

COMPETITION - Win a a CosmoGrill Barbecue 6+1 Pro Gas Grill BBQ worth £335

COMPETITION - Summer BBQ Extravaganza Win a CosmoGrill BBQ It's been so long since I hosted a competition on my blog, like literally months so I thought it was about time we fixed that, summer is well and truly on it's way (ignore the recent rain deluge) let's celebrate with a wonderful Summer BBQ Extravaganza competition.
Monday 1 June 2020

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

The best presents for Dad this Fathers Day It's Fathers Day in the UK in just over 2 weeks - 21st June to be exact so now is the perfect time to be scouring the internet for the best presents to surprise your dad with. As you can imagine with the current lockdown situation, for most people Fathers Day may be a little different this year so you …
Thursday 14 May 2020

3 Date Ideas for couples in lockdown

Lockdown Dating Ideas Wherever you are in the world you're probably facing some kind of lockdown or at least a change to your normal everyday life due to covid19. If you're in the UK then we're starting our plan to leave lockdown but at this point, you're still unable to mix with people outside of your household. Covid19 has been a …
Monday 11 May 2020

5 Ways to Support Charities in Lockdown

How to support charities during lockdown We're now two months into lockdown in the UK, and while the outlook is brightening slightly there's still a hell of a long way to go before we get back to normality. There are some businesses and charities out there who just can't wait that long. Charities rely vitally on fundraising and other pe…
Wednesday 6 May 2020

How to create a cosy space during lockdown

How to Create a Cosy Space During Lockdown The stress of being under practical house arrest for weeks on end can fray the nerves of the most easy-going people! If you’re trying to make your house more cosy and comfortable for the family, here are a few ideas that might help. Creat-ing a cosy space includes organising the household to reduce stress …
Friday 1 May 2020

How to choose a designer radiator to match your interiors

The best designer radiators for your home We're heading into warmer months but that doesn't mean you should neglect the radiators in your home, in fact now is the perfect time to change them from the ugly eyesores to beautiful new designer radiators to match your interiors. You'll use your radiator much less in warmer months so make it …
Monday 27 April 2020

4 Tips for Staying Safe Dating Online

How to stay safe dating online I always preface any dating posts with my own story, I am the biggest advocate out there for online dating having met Connor on a well-known swipe phone dating site. We met, fell in love and are getting married this year, so if you're feeling downhearted trust me your lobster is out there somewhere. We're livi…
Wednesday 22 April 2020

Day Zero 400 day Update - 101 goals

101 goals in 1001 days - 400 day check up A whole 400 days since I started my  Day Zero Project  and my 101 goals who could have predicted where the world would be and how it would change back when I started this. It's been a strange time the last few months but I've tried to keep going with my goals Don't forget to check out my updates to…
Monday 20 April 2020

6 Genius Hacks for saving for a Wedding

6 Tricks to have your dream wedding on a budget In a whole 5 months' time I'm going to a Mrs and I'm genuinely so excited I could scream. It's a weird time right now I'm in prime planning mode but also a little worried because of Covid19 so saving money has an even higher priority than it did when we started. When we get married…
Thursday 16 April 2020

How to survive lockdown in 5 easy steps

How to Survive Lockdown The vast majority of the world is still on lockdown thanks to Covid19, if we're honest it's probably going to be a while before we can return to any level of normality at all so it's about adjusting to what we can do and what we can control to keep ourselves sane. I've struggled many times in the past with de…
Sunday 5 April 2020

Dating in Lockdown: How to make it work

Dating in Lockdown: how to make it work We're literally right in the middle of a once in a lifetime lockdown pandemic. Covid19 is scary as hell and it's difficult to keep normality when we're all staying home and not leaving (please stay home everyone we need to protect our NHS). It's led to new working from home practices, lots mor…
Tuesday 31 March 2020

Must-read blog posts this month - Blog Highlights March 2020

The Must-read blog posts this month We're almost at the end of the longest month known to man. I know it's been a really hard and long one for everyone just keep on in there people we're doing the right thing staying home, staying safe and protecting our NHS. January and February reads are still live but lets dive into what I've bee…
Saturday 14 March 2020

Where to shop for Plus Size Bras

Best Plus Size Bras for Bigger Busts Bras. The bane of most womens life. I completely respect those women who choose not to wear them but if you have a larger bust it's very probable you don't leave the house without your comfiest over the shoulder boulder holder and by god getting a comfy one is so important. Finding a comfy bra and one th…
Monday 9 March 2020

Top Tips for Shopping Abroad

How to shop till you drop while on holiday abroad I've just planned my next holiday which will be my Honeymoon and see a return to WDW so I'm in the prime planning zone using my Walt Disney World Planning timeline including the long haul flight tips and all the holiday essentials I need to take - but what about the things I need to bring ba…
Friday 6 March 2020

5 Sheffield Takeaways Near Me #2

Sheffield Takeaways near me  Way back in March 2019 I wrote a whole 101 in 1001 goals list , one of the things on my list was to try all the Sheffield takeaways on Just Eat that deliver to me . Having recently moved into my own home I was keen to get to know my local area and develop new favourites. So we're back with the second edition of my min…
Sunday 1 March 2020

March Things to Do in Sheffield Guide

What's on In Sheffield March 2020 We're already 3 months into a whole new decade can you believe it? I hope you're thoroughly making the most of every day - here's a jam packed guide of things to do in Sheffield this March - previous editions can be found in Explore Sheffield
Thursday 27 February 2020

Blog Highlights February 2020

Must read blog posts this month: February 2020 We're coming to the end of another month in 2020 and I've been reading more and more blogs to showcase the best of what I've been reading. You can check back on my January recommendations here  so lets go here are the must read blog posts this month
Monday 24 February 2020

The best Mothers day gift online from Uncommon Goods

The most beautiful mothers day gift online from Uncommon Goods Mothers Day is going to be quickly upon us in the UK (22nd March). If you're in America you have a little more time (10th May) but its never too early to start your Mothers Day gift online shopping. I've been working together with Uncommon Goods * to pull together the most beauti…
Thursday 13 February 2020

The Most Beautiful Quartz Worktops for your kitchen

The BEST Kitchen Worktop Designs I can't believe I'm coming up to two whole years in my own house, time does completely fly by! It feels amazing having my own space and I love renovating and decorating and make it feel more like a home. Whether that's making my bedroom like a pretty hotel room or remodelling my bathroom little touches t…
Friday 7 February 2020

The BEST Free Fonts available and where to find them

5 Places to source the best FREE fonts  If you're creating a blog, pinterest graphics or pretty much anything there are so many elements to get right. Take a blog for example, your content could be excellent, your imagery beautiful but if you're using unreadable fonts the message is going to get lost pretty quickly. Along with free stock im…
Monday 3 February 2020

The Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations You Have To Visit

The best Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik Croatia Game of Thrones was a completely spectacular tv show that gripped worldwide audiences and got everyone invested in who should be the true King (or Queen) of Kings Landing. Our most recent holiday to Croatia meant that we got the opportunity to go to Dubrovnik and explore the real-life …
Saturday 1 February 2020

Things to do in Sheffield this Weekend: February 2020

Things to do In Sheffield this Weekend: February 202 I've had such lovely feedback about my changed format of things to do in Sheffield - I'm glad you guys are finding my daily idea a good way to keep yourselves busy. You can find previous editions in Explore Sheffield but lets crack on to things to do in Sheffield this weekend and beyond
Friday 31 January 2020

Blog Highlights January 2020

The best blog highlights and posts you need to read this month As a blogger I spend quite a bit of time on social media, reading the news and reading other blogs. Reading other blogs brings me so much happiness and joy and I thought I'd start running a little monthly feature showcasing my blog highlights each month. Plus highlighting to you guy…
Sunday 26 January 2020

The Clubhouse Sheffield Review - Proper Pub Grub

The Clubhouse Sheffield Menu Review As you know I love trying out new food places in Sheffield so was thrilled to get the chance to review The Clubhouse Sheffield. It's based on London Road which is slightly out of the city centre but is full of the hustle and bustle of cute food places and good drinking spots The Clubhouse Sheffield * is both!
Saturday 18 January 2020

Personalised Hoodies from HoodieHut

The best Personalised Hoodies for every occasion Personalisation is such a huge market, we're at a stage now where we can get pretty much anything personalised. This opens up a whole world of opportunities in terms of branding. I've been working with the guys at HoodieHut who specialise in ski trip hoodies * and even school leavers hoodies (…
Monday 13 January 2020

101 goals in 1001 days: 300 day update

101 goals in 1001 days - 300 day check up It's now been 9 months since I started my  Day Zero Project  of picking 101 goals to complete in the next 1001 days we're now on the 300th day! A whole 30% of the way through the time I've allocated on these goals so lets see how they're coming along I did a 100 day update and a 200 day update …
Wednesday 8 January 2020

Hand Luggage Essentials for a stress free holiday

Hand Luggage Essentials - 5 Must Have Items Holidays are brilliant, aren't they? You spend all year planning them, deciding on the best location, counting down the days until you're stepping off that plane. We all love a holiday but sometimes the minor things can really get to you while you're away so I've put together a list of 5 h…
Wednesday 1 January 2020

Things to do Sheffield January 2020

Things to do Sheffield January 2020 We are officially into a whole new decade can you believe it! I always love the start of a new year everything just feels so full of hope and wonder for the year ahead, plus this is an entire decade too so let's make it one to remember and here's a whole heap of things you can do in Sheffield this January…