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Thursday 6 August 2020

Cineworld Sheffield Unhinged Review

Unhinged Movie Review

It's been months since our last Cineworld Sheffield trip, our last film before lockdown was Fantasy Island which was your typical cringey horror but as mine and Connors first date was seeing a cringey horror (Truth or Dare) we do have quite a soft spot for them.

Anyway fast forward through oh you know just a global pandemic, and we've gone almost 5 months without going to the cinema, which may be normal for most people but we normally go every week! 

Cineworld Sheffield

We were thrilled to hear that Cineworld Sheffield was reopening and quickly got to booking a film for the day of the reopening - options were limited for new films with lots of old classics being reshown at the minute due to the cinema void and pandemic so we decided on one of the few new films 'Unhinged'

Social Distancing Measures at Cineworld

Now before I carry on as seems quite normal now a quick chat about the social distancing measures that all Cineworld branches including Cineworld Sheffield are completing. You now have to book your cinema tickets online, this is to enable track and trace if necessary. Face masks are recommended and as of August 8th will become compulsory in England. There are plastic screens on the snack counters to seperate staff from customers and to gain entry your virtual ticket QR code is scanned so no physical ticket. You have to have two seats either side of your party to enable social distancing within the screens. I have to say everything was executed perfectly, I never once felt worried and I have to applaud the wonderful staff for enabling this so comfortably

Unhinged Movie Review

Now onto the review of the movie, Unhinged follows the tale of Rachel (Caren Pistorius - Slow West and Mortal Engines) and 'The Man' (Russell Crowe - Gladiator, Man of Steel) and an unfortunate meeting resulting in a spell of road rage, run of the mill event right? Wrong.

'The Man' takes great exception to Rachels behaviour and takes it upon himself to teach her just what a bad day really consists of. His attempts continuously escalate to make Rachel's day worse and worse. Crowe gives an impeccable account of the angry white man - probably typified by not being given an actual name. Could this man be you? Could he be me? Do we all have these psychotic capabilities inside us if we're pushed?

Dealing with a heavy divorce, addiction to prescription drugs and general male toxicity the film continues through with small characters barely sticking around to be introduced never mind developed, the highlight is probably the car scenes and high speed chases because the acts of making Rachels day worse while gruesome were tricky to care about because the characters weren't developed properly

Overall it's an interesting film, one very below par for a heavyweight like Crowe to usually be the main feature, without him this would have flopped even harder. As it is he helps it limp home as a revenge tale and leaves you questioning, just who is in the car next to you?

Alice in Sheffield Rating - 4/10

We loved being back at the cinema, even if the movie wasn't the best thing we've seen this year it was just wonderful to be back and we're already planning our next trip

Cineworld Sheffield: Unhinged

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