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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Unusual Dad Gifts this Fathers Day

Unusual Dad Gifts this Fathers Day We're fast approaching Fathers Day 2019 falling on 16th June this year. Which gives you just over two weeks to get those unusual dad gifts. I always struggle with Fathers Day, purely because my dads birthday falls in May so he's even trickier to buy for because I've already bought everything he'd …
Monday 27 May 2019

How to make a bed like a hotel

How to make a bed like a hotel Sleep is so underrated! There's nothing I love more than getting into bed ready for a good nights sleep. That feeling of freshly washed quilt covers and sheets as you get cosy is one of my favourite feelings ever. We've recently returned from holiday which has meant staying in two different hotels and there&#…
Saturday 25 May 2019

Top Tips for a Paperless Office

Why you should go paperless in the office The worlds falling to pieces and it's getting to a point now where we can't avoid it, there are regular climate marches as the push to prevent climate change becomes more prevalent but what do we do as the average joe? How can we actually make a difference? One simple step is to attempt to have a p…
Wednesday 22 May 2019

National BBQ Week Competition - Win a Barbibox of BBQ Goodies

National BBQ Week 27th May - 2nd June Did you know that next week is the official National BBQ Week? The sun is shining and the nights are lighter which means you should definitely dust off your BBQ and get cooking and I've got the perfect competition to get you in the mood for BBQ Season
Friday 10 May 2019

How to increase domain authority on your blog

Increase your domain authority If you've landed here you're probably thinking what the hell is domain authority? Why is it so important and how can I increase domain authority on my blog? So many questions and if you're new to blogging I'd definitely take your time learning and researching around DA and PA (page authority) and how …
Friday 3 May 2019

5 Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Reviews

Best Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Back when I created my 101 in 1001 list one of the goals on there was to order from every Sheffield takeaways on Just Eat . I don't know about you guys but I love a takeaway, pizza would be my cuisine of choice but I'm open to trying new things and as I'm just coming up to one year in my new home and addr…
Thursday 2 May 2019

Free Blog Photo Sites for the Best Blog Images

Best Free blog photos and royalty-free images for bloggers As a blogger one of my main passions is writing, I adore creating content and getting my words onto the web to get a viewpoint across, now most readers are now very visual so my words will be accompanied with images. Unfortunately, I'm not an excellent photographer (working on it) so I …