Long Haul Flight Tips as a Plus Size Girl

How to cope with a long haul flight as a plus size girl

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In November 2018 I went to Florida and it was the holiday of a lifetime, I'm going to struggle to top it. I went Disney crazy and adored every second of living and breathing the theme parks (if you're planning on going check out my Disney Planning Timeline). The journey there was the first time I'd been on a plane for 4 years, and the first time I'd flown long haul, with the longest flight before being 5 hours. So I've put together some long haul flight tips for plus size girls to make the journey 

There are a lot of differences between long haul and short-haul flights and especially the comfort while travelling. With a shorter flight, it's much easier to grin and bear it as it's usually over in no time at all but with an 8 hour+ flight I needed to put serious thoughts into how to cope with the flight and the best long haul flight tips to make my journey easier

Long Haul Flight Tips As A Plus Size Girl

Long Haul Flight Tips

How is it different? Some people may ask. No-one enjoys long flights right? Absolutely. But if you're not plus-size, or on the bigger side you won't understand the extra concerns and issues you can run into while flying so here's how I managed to cope and make my flight quite enjoyable

Pack as much in your main luggage as possible

Planes are not known for being the roomiest of places, and while I know some people like to get every kg of space they can, I like to pack everything possible in my main luggage so that I'm travelling quite light on the actual flight. This I always find means less awkward lifting and trying to get things, I could settle into my seat and prepare for the flight. I had a handbag with all my essentials in which was small enough to sit under the seat in front which I found a much better way to travel.

Seatbelt extender*

These can be bought beforehand or even ordered with the airline beforehand if you think you might edge near the belt limit then get one. It causes no harm at all, if you take your own then only you will know the difference and it is so worth it to be comfortable. Having your seatbelt fastened is a legal requirement so it's important that you can stay comfortable. If it's a long haul flight there's probably going to be a point you want to take a nap which would be difficult if your seat belt was straining


This should be self-explanatory but comfy footwear is an absolute must! I recommend trainers or a comfy pair of ballet shoes you can easily slip off. I'd also definitely invest in a good pair of compression socks*. Compression socks can help your feet by improving circulation and help prevent swelling and deep vein thrombosis


If you can pre-book seats then do it and make sure you have an aisle seat, it gives you that extra little bit of room as you're not squashed against a window or up against someone else, it also lets you walk up and down the aisle without disturbing your row, if your flight isn't full moving to different seats where there are a few empty ones together also increases your comfort levels


Planning is crucial to enjoying your flight and your holiday. Check out your plane beforehand including seating sizes to see if you need a seat with extra room, check out your destination and have a real think about things that could happen and how you can deal with them such as weight restrictions for certain activities, appropriate clothing and chafing gel for everything! Pre-planning the awkward moments means they'll be resolved before you go and you're prepared for everything.

You've got this!

Most importantly beyond all these tips is to remember what a damn amazing girl you are, like seriously grow yourself a thick skin because some people are just not kind (although I found America to be so pro-body it was glorious - I even wore a bikini!) Make yourself comfy on the flight, read a book, watch some movies and tune the world out because in a short time you'll be on the holiday you've waited all year for

Long Haul Flight Tips

What are your long haul flight tips?