Nandos Sheffield Valley Centertainment Review

Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos right? Apparently, that's a British thing and the Americans don't quite understand what's so cheeky about a Nandos. Put simply I love Nandos, it's an old favourite and a place me and Connor visit often during our Cinema trips due to it's proximity to Cineworld Sheffield (Don't forget to read my film reviews of Us and Captain Marvel) and the speed of service. I thought my blog wouldn't be complete without a Nando's review so let's go

Nandos Sheffield Valley Centertainment

The Basics

Location: Valley Centertainment, S9 2EP
Opening Hours: 11:30am - 10:30pm except for Friday / Saturday when they remain open until 11:30pm
Do they deliver: No this one doesn't but you can order to collect, definitely keep an eye on the Nando's delivery site as I imagine it will be coming soon
Price Point: ££
Dietary Requirements: Halal
Order: Butterfly Chicken, Peri Fries, Regular refillable drink = £13.90 
Top Tip: Help yourself to all the Peri Sauces, try them all to find your favourite. My personal favourite is the Wild Herb Peri Peri Sauce. It's a nice mix of spicy and flavoursome. Make sure you get a Nandos reward card to earn free food

The Review

Nandos Review Butterfly Chicken

Nandos Centertainment is the Nandos nearest to me so probably the one we frequent most often, as I mentioned it's often our go to when we go to the cinema because we don't feel quite as bad for eating grilled chicken as we could at other Sheffield restaurants around there. The service has always been fantastic and very speedy, this particular occasion the food was ordered and in front of us within 10 minutes.

I tend to order my chicken as a medium because while I love the Peri Peri seasoning I prefer increasing the heat myself with sauces. I love that you can see just how juicy the chicken is, and where it's been chargrilled. The peri chips were divine and always have just the right amount of seasoning without going overboard.

I've tried a fair few of the options at Nandos but have settled most recently on the butterfly chicken because the chickens cooked to perfection and the skin is always really crispy. If you haven't tried the Wild Herb sauce before then try it next time you visit you won't be disappointed. I think Nando's offers exceptional value. You can have a top quality sit down meal for less than £20 - where else could you do that?

All in all, Nandos will probably remain my most visited eatery at Valley Centertainment as I've never had a disappointing experience yet.

Nandos Peri Peri Butterfly Chicken

What's your Peri Peri spice?


  1. I love me a Nando's! �� Half a Chicken (Lemon & Herb), Spicy Rice and Chips with a side of Halloumi is my go-to order every time, and I don't think I've ever had a bad one, but that being said, I haven't been in a while so maybe it's time for a trip.. ��

    Andi | ✨


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