Cineworld in Sheffield Movie Review - US

Cineworld in Sheffield Movie Review - Us by Jordan Peele

On Friday we were back at our usual haunt of Cineworld in Sheffield all ready to watch Jordan Peele's newest creation 'Us'. My second movie review which is a very different genre to Captain Marvel which I reviewed. 

The horror of entering Jordan Peele's psychologically messed up mind in 'Us' is something I've been anticipating ever since I watched Get Out, I loved that film it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Jordan Peele's next addition is the Us movie and -spoiler- I was not disappointed! Currently sitting at $88 million gross the film is definitely getting people watching and thinking WTF afterward.

Cineworld in Sheffield - Us Movie Review

Cineworld in Sheffield - Us Movie Review

Right from the trailer you're lead down the rabbit hole thinking that maybe the Us movie isn't your mainstream cheesy horror. Maybe there's something a little different going on here. 

If you're familiar with Get Out then you'll know that Jordan Peele is renowned for turning things on their head and getting deep inside your psyche. He makes you question everything you think you know. The Us movie definitely restored my faith in the horror genre, it seemed so cleverly put together. Scary in parts, downright terrifying and not too many obvious loose ends which horrors can often fall victim too.

Without giving away any spoilers that aren't already revealed in the trailer Us is based around a family on their summer vacation. Their serene holiday seems to be scattered with weird coincidences throughout culminating in unexpected visitors paying them a visit - but they seem all too familiar. The movie takes you on a complete whirlwind of emotions from the small comic relief intertwined with gripping and uncomfortable viewing.

Lupita Nyong'o plays the lead character, Adelaide Wilson, Adelaide seems to be a normal caring mother but with a lingering traumatic experience that may or may not come back to bite her. As has come to be expected with Lupita (previous films include 12 Years A Slave and Black Panther) her performance was flawless she invokes horror in her every action and you can feel everything that she feels.

Watch yourself! 

During the film, there's a lot of foreshadowing occurring and weird references that you'll rack your brains trying to understand their meaning such as Jeremiah 11:11 and what's with all the rabbits? The soundtrack itself is sheer genius and I'm not sure I can listen to 'I got 5 on it' without my brain going into overdrive.

If you came here for an explanation of Us I don't have one, what I do know is you need to go and see this film for yourself. It directs a mirror onto ourselves, the world that we're creating, the consequences of our actions and how we truly are our own worst enemy

You'll leave the cinema and this movie will be in your head for days, trying to figure out what if? How did that? WTF! Jordan Peele is an absolute genius and his take on modern horror brings fear into the simplest things and everyday items - I'll never look at a bunny in the same way again

Alice in Sheffield rating - 8.5/10

Cineworld in Sheffield Movie Review - US

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