What Should I watch tonight? September 2019

What Should I watch tonight? 

I was thrilled that last months 'what to watch' post was enjoyed by my lovely readers so lets kick into the second month of my regular feature and help you answer 'What should I watch tonight?" We're heading into Autumn so lots of new seasons galore as fall tv kicks off a jam packed schedule here's my top 5 what to watch this month. Apart from one they're all continuations of existing quality TV shows so hopefully you'll find something new to binge on and find to watch this September

What to watch September

I mentioned last month my love of trash tv and mentioned I had a selection of five tv shows that would make you happy. I guess this month I need a different disclaimer - at least 3 of these shows will contain some pretty horrific scenes and are more suitable for a mature audience (I did mention I love serial killers and thrillers so nice turn around really) If cakes disturb you then make that list 4. but lets kick into my choices of what to watch this September

We're officially into the 10th season of the Great British Bake Off and I bloody love it! It survived a move from the BBC and personally the addition of Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig was genius, it's such a wholesome show 
Watch on: Channel 4 
Previous seasons: Netflix

13 reasons why is back for a third series, its not been without its controversies with an increase in suicide searches after the first series however they're aiming to improve this with clear signposting of helplines. I actually think it's brilliant, it's gritty and hard hitting which lets face it teenage years can be. The third series follows a murder and takes a step to a whodunit which is different from the first two seasons. I really enjoyed it and devoured over a weekend
Watch on: Netflix

The Capture

I'm only one episode into The Capture and I'm hooked already! It's the BBC's newest drama and is dubbed as the next Bodyguard (which was brilliant if you haven't seen it). A soldier called Shaun appears to be falsely accused of a crime and the evidence isn't as it seems. It's got a really stellar cast and I'm definitely enjoying it so far
Watch on: BBC Iplayer
The second series of Mindhunter has hit and I'm already enthralled by it, telling the story of the FBI evolving from means, motive, opportunity crime solving to understanding the psychology and criminality behind serial killers and alike I thoroughly enjoyed the first series. It's a slow burner, and one you definitely need to concentrate through but if you like crime programmes this is a nice break from the 'true crime' while still having a solid background in reality
Watch on: Netflix

My recommendations wouldn't be true to me without some trashy reality right? It's true car crash tv, following the lives of a group of ladies in the OC and the drama that unfolds. It's the original of the 'Housewives' series and is now in it's grand 14th season and I still love it more than any other
Watch on: Bravo TV (If you're in the UK I recommend a VPN or Kodi to access the seasons as they reach America) 

What to watch tonight

What are you watching this month?