Cookie Explosion Recipe with Jack's

Cookie Explosion Hot Cookie Dough Recipe

We've all become master bakers in lockdown right? 
All this spare time and lack of being able to eat out has made everyone a lot more creative in the kitchen whether they're cooking a 3 course meal or baking some sweet treats - chances are your social media is now full of absolute culinary experts who will give Jamie Oliver a run for his money. 

But that's all we see isn't it? The perfections and successes when in reality it doesn't always work out like that so here we are. This was going to be a wonderful cookie recipe reminiscent of those big chunky ones you can buy from specialist cookie shops.

Instead it's a cookie explosion - this is a nice fancy way of saying it went wrong! But we make the best of a bad situation and it still tastes damn delicious

COMPETITION - Win A Personalised Water Bottle

Win a Personalised Water Bottle

Hands up who doesn't drink enough water. Even more so since the start of lockdown I think so many of us are so stuck into what work we're doing we might forget to drink, normal everyday life could see you at the water cooler taking a break in the office which a lot of people don't do as much when they're managing their own time. It's recommended to drink around 2L of water a day so I've been working really hard on doing better with this and what better way than with a really cute water bottle?

July Things to Do in Sheffield Guide

What's on In Sheffield July 2020

Wow it's been a whole 3 months since I last wrote a 'What's on in Sheffield' post because lets be fair apart from showcasing what fabulous tv shows you've been watching and homemade cocktail nights there's not been a whole heap of things you can do. We're slowly returning to normality so I've decided to bring back my What's on posts. It's a brilliant way of showcasing anything going on this month and letting you know how to support incredible independent Sheffield brands.

Obviously it's a little more sparse than other months, so I've listed somewhere new and wonderful you could maybe visit either in Sheffield or very close by

Stay safe and lets get back to enjoying our city of Sheffield (don't forget to check out past posts and ideas in Explore Sheffield 

Meet Meeko

Meeko the Maine Coon x Norwegian Forest Cat

Anyone that knows me knows that my house isn't a home without a little feline cat wandering around the place. I'd lived in my home only 2 weeks before I had my little Tilly cat. She was the most beautiful cat who sadly passed away at the start of 2020, she'd lead a very good life and old age caught up with her. Rollback to the end of February and our home didn't feel complete. We decided to get a cat, a rescue cat that we could give a good home to.

4 Lockdown Relationship Problems SOLVED

How to solve relationship problems in lockdown

It's a weird old world we're living in right now and relationships are being tested to limits we never knew existed before. Obviously, a pandemic isn't the best scenario for cultivating a relationship, and you may be encountering relationship problems you would've never had to in a normal scenario BUT in these testing times there are always solutions. I've been helping you figure out date ideas and even how to stay safe online dating but now let's focus on some actual problems that might have arisen during our extended stay inside