The Botanist Sheffield - New Autumn Menu

New Autumn Menu Launch

I love eating out and I love Sheffield, if you've been here before you've probably seen that I try and eat Sheffield often and review all the delicious food so I was thrilled to be asked to review The Botanist Sheffield's new Autumn Menu Launch*. I've been to the Botanist a few times and absolutely adore their butterfly garden room it is completely magical. We pored over the menu and made some delicious choices.

Staying Energised with Gatorade

It's November and the clocks have gone back and winter is well and truly here. I seem to be going to work in the dark and leaving in the dark too so it's really easy to see how this can affect people's mood and even energy levels. I personally really struggle in the winter and heavily rely on my SAD light and Vitamins to help me, but that doesn't stop the tiredness and fatigue setting in. I was very pleased to be asked to try out Gatorade Sports Drink* and see how this could change my daily routine

9 Things to do in Sheffield this November

What's On In Sheffield

Wow oh wow we're 11 months into the year I can almost feel Christmas on the horizon! I personally cannot stand Winter so I'm heading out of the country BUT I have found some brilliant events for you lovely people staying in Sheffield this month

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Spooky Halloween T-shirt creations

Halloween Outfits 2019

It's spooky season! And we're only a few days away from Halloween 2019 so hopefully you've got your outfits sorted BUT have you thought about implementing a little spooky fever into your everyday wardrobe too?

When should I replace my tyres?

Tyre Replacement Services

It's coming very quickly into winter which means it's extra important you remain vigilant and safe on the roads. I don't know about you but driving in the winter is a much more stressful experience, but there's so many ways to prepare your car so you feel safer and in control