Cineworld 4DX - Christopher Nolans Tenet

Tenet review - Cineworld 4DX Experience

I just adore the cinema, everything about it. From the smell of the popcorn hitting you as you enter to the trailers before to spending time immersed in a film, life can be very distracting, especially currently so escaping for a few hours into a film is like heaven to me. Cinema has evolved a lot and now there are so many different experiences from a standard 2D screening to 3D, IMAX and at Cineworld there's also 4DX.

New dating terminology post pandemic

New Dating terms for your online dating journey

A pandemic is a strange old time, I say post-pandemic but it seems we're going to be thrown right back into a weird lockdown in the UK so if you're single and dating during the whirlwind we're currently living through you should probably be up on the new dating lingo floating around the place

123 Flowers Review - Next Day Flower Delivery

123 Flowers Review

Flowers are such a versatile thing aren't they! I personally love having a bunch of flowers at home because I think they brighten the place up but you can also gift them for so many things whether you've had an argument with a loved one, an occasion like mothers day or a birthday or even just because (they're the best kind of present) as a complete surprise. I think while we've been in a state of lockdown flowers are such a lovely gift for those people you can't see due to restrictions to let them know you're thinking of them.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out 123 Flowers - they offer fresh flowers in unique floral arrangements right to your doorstep, gorgeous bouquets at a really affordable price and even the option to have them delivered the next day

How to make your cat happy

How to make your cat happy
(and get it to love you!)

Cats are curious creatures, they're very self-sufficient and like to give the impression that they don't actually need an owner at all. That's why I love them and why my home didn't feel complete without my Meeko. He's a Maine Coone x Norwegian Forest Cat cross and an indoor cat so it was crucial for me to learn how to make your cat happy so he settled and started treating the place like his home

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship

To a certain extent, conflict is a natural part of any healthy relationship. Trouble starts when civilised conversations turn into petty squabbles that turn into full-blown arguments. Before you know it, you’re down the rabbit hole and can’t even remember what the discussion was about!