What to Watch This Month: September 2019

The best TV shows you should be watching this month

I was thrilled that last months 'what to watch' post was enjoyed by my lovely readers so lets kick into the second month of my regular feature. We're heading into Autumn so lots of new seasons galore as fall tv kicks off a jam packed schedule here's my top 5 what to watch this month. Apart from one they're all continuations of existing quality TV shows so hopefully you'll find something new to binge on and find to watch this September

9 Things to do in Sheffield in September

What's On In Sheffield

Autumn is approaching and we're 9 months into 2019. The weather's been incredibly unpredictable but that hasn't stopped Sheffield having tons of wonderful events and this month is no different so check out all of the best things to do in Sheffield this month
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Can You Afford to Die in Sheffield? 5 Ways to Avoid Funeral Poverty

Funeral Costs in Sheffield

The one inevitable factor in life is one day we all pass. However, it is something that many of us do not financially prepare ourselves for.  Have you ever considered how much your own funeral could cost and if your family would be able to afford this? The average funeral cost in the UK is £3,757 and Yorkshire comes just above average at £3,768.

KFC Style Chicken Strips Fakeaway Recipe

KFC Chicken Fakeaway Recipe

One thing I love is food and eating out at as evidenced with my many Sheffield restaurant reviews but I equally love cooking and creating recipes at home. I love trying to emulate food I've eaten myself and one of my favourite things is creating fakeaway recipes. Traditionally fast food recipes but created my way and tasting just as good! First up is my KFC Chicken Fakeaway Recipe

Turtle Bay Sheffield Review

The Caribbean way at Turtle Bay

Back in 2018 Turtle Bay* opened up in Sheffield and I was thrilled! It's billed as the best Caribbean restaurant and bar in Britain and has so many different locations. I'd visited other Turtle Bay restaurants and always left full of happy vibes (and lots of rum) so I was very glad that Sheffield was finally being graced with a little Caribbean flavour. Fast forward to 2019 and I had the pleasure of joining in with their 1 year birthday celebrations and couldn't wait to get stuck into some delicious food