Turtle Bay Sheffield Review

The Caribbean way at Turtle Bay

Back in 2018 Turtle Bay* opened up in Sheffield and I was thrilled! It's billed as the best Caribbean restaurant and bar in Britain and has so many different locations. I'd visited other Turtle Bay restaurants and always left full of happy vibes (and lots of rum) so I was very glad that Sheffield was finally being graced with a little Caribbean flavour. Fast forward to 2019 and I had the pleasure of joining in with their 1 year birthday celebrations and couldn't wait to get stuck into some delicious food

What material should you pick for your kitchen worktops?

Making the right choice for your kitchen worktop

Hands up who spends hours pouring over Pinterest looking at beautiful homes and how they can create them. Since I bought my house last year I'd say I spend a lot more time putting these ideas into action and working out how I can get my dream home. I've done a fair few posts on the home from remodelling your bathroom to simpler tasks like styling your bed like a hotel but one area I haven't covered too much is the kitchen.

What to Watch This Month: August 2019

The best TV shows you should be watching this month

Everyone has hobbies right? Whether that's something super active like going to the gym, hiking or horseriding or something a little less tiresome like playing board games, cinema or deciding what to watch on tv. I definitely fall in the latter section and my love my movies and tv is strong. After a busy week at work, there's nothing I love more than PJ days binge-watching tv or going to the cinema (read movie reviews of Captain Marvel, Us and Dumbo) so it makes sense for me to share with you guys what to watch so welcome to a new regular feature on the blog

9 Things to do in Sheffield in August

What's On In Sheffield

We're officially into the 8th month of the year! Summer is here which means that Sheffield is buzzing with lots of fun and exciting things to do, if like me you're planning on sticking around this summer then keep reading to find the best things to do in Sheffield this summer (previous monthly editions can be found here: April / May / June / July )

4 reasons to pick Hull as a student

Living and Studying in Hull

It's officially summertime, the schools are out, exams are completed and we're even in the middle of a heatwave so now is the perfect time to explore the UK a little more. If you've just finished your exams and you're ready to go to University why not go and visit places you could be calling home very soon?