The Most Beautiful Kitchen Worktop Designs

The BEST Kitchen Worktop Designs

I can't believe I'm coming up to two whole years in my own house, time does completely fly by! It feels amazing having my own space and I love renovating and decorating and make it feel more like a home. Whether that's making my bedroom like a pretty hotel room or remodelling my bathroom little touches to make my house special. 

Stone Synergy Kitchen Worktop

One of the main areas in my house is the kitchen, it's the main room you see on entering the house and as such I want it to be spectacular, luckily the house came with a brand new fitted kitchen including kitchen worktops* but I still lust after different ones to brighten my kitchen a little and I spent quite a bit of time looking at different materials such as Neolith or Quartz Worktops. Here are my top three Kitchen Worktop designs I could only dream of 

The BEST Free Fonts available and where to find them

5 Places to source the best FREE fonts 

If you're creating a blog, pinterest graphics or pretty much anything there are so many elements to get right. Take a blog for example, your content could be excellent, your imagery beautiful but if you're using unreadable fonts the message is going to get lost pretty quickly. Along with free stock images I begrudge paying for fonts, I'd consider it for maybe a couple to help me keep a consistent brand identity but on the whole there are tons of places you can get free fonts so why pay? I've put together some of my favourite free font sites and a cool free font from each

The Dubrovnik Game Of Thrones Locations You Have To Visit

The best Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik Croatia

Game of Thrones was a completely spectacular tv show that gripped worldwide audiences and got everyone invested in who should be the true King (or Queen) of Kings Landing. Our most recent holiday to Croatia meant that we got the opportunity to go to Dubrovnik and explore the real-life settings and filming locations featured heavily on Game of Thrones. We travelled with Tui, luckily it's a short-haul flight, but I've got long haul flight's covered with lots of tips if you're going further afield  

We booked a Tui operated excursion, as you can imagine there are hundreds of Game of Thrones tours in operation in Dubrovnik, the one we went on certainly wasn't the cheapest but it was of exceptional quality so here are my favourite places we got to visit

Sheffield things to do guide February

What's on In Sheffield February 2020

I've had such lovely feedback about my changed format of what's on in Sheffield - I'm glad you guys are finding my daily idea a good way to keep yourselves busy. You can find previous editions in Explore Sheffield but lets crack on to things to do in Sheffield this February

Blog Highlights January 2020

The best blog posts you need to read this month

As a blogger I spend quite a bit of time on social media, reading the news and reading other blogs. Reading other blogs brings me so much happiness and joy and I thought I'd start running a little monthly feature showcasing my favourites each month. Plus highlighting to you guys which of my own posts you've been loving the most