How to make your cat happy

How to make your cat happy
(and get it to love you!)

Cats are curious creatures, they're very self-sufficient and like to give the impression that they don't actually need an owner at all. That's why I love them and why my home didn't feel complete without my Meeko. He's a Maine Coone x Norwegian Forest Cat cross and an indoor cat so it was crucial for me to learn how to make your cat happy so he settled and started treating the place like his home

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship

To a certain extent, conflict is a natural part of any healthy relationship. Trouble starts when civilised conversations turn into petty squabbles that turn into full-blown arguments. Before you know it, you’re down the rabbit hole and can’t even remember what the discussion was about! 

Sheffield Things To Do this September

Sheffield things to do this month

September is here! And every month that passes a level of normality is being achieved, obviously things are still consistently changing so please check events are still scheduled, maintain social distance and observe any isolations or local lockdowns that are required

But now that bits out of the way get out there to find the fun things to do in Sheffield, I'm loving seeing all of my favourites returning and little green shoots as they find their feet. Let's help our local independents thrive and make their events and plans a success

Previous monthly events can be found in Explore Sheffield 

Must Read Blog Highlights This Month

Blog Highlights: August

In the month of August I've enjoyed reading lots of blog posts and seeing what everyone else has been up to this month. It's been a busy month and one seeing my highest blog views since the start of the year so it's nice to see the audiences returning after a covid break. Here are my favourite posts and the blog highlights for this month:

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How to Celebrate your almost wedding

How to celebrate being nearly-weds

First off let's all just take a minute to whinge and moan and cry. If you're reading this you're probably part of the 64% who've had their 2020 wedding affected by Covid19. We are within that number and it still drives me crazy that I'm not going to be a Mrs in September but the world did not want to play ball this time. There's lots going on right now and everyone seems to be in a different situation and coping differently. I just want to say it's absolutely ok to be sad and even get annoyed at the 'it's for the best' people. It's also absolutely wonderful if you're going ahead with a smaller ceremony and I really commend you for doing that.

But this post is about those of us who have postponed for whatever reason, ours is that we are completely in love with our venue Abbeydale Picturehouse and didn't want to have it anywhere else, it also gives us a little more time to save and have a few extras we thought were out of our budget before. So what do you do on your should have been wedding day?