3 Date Ideas for couples in lockdown

Lockdown Dating Ideas

Wherever you are in the world you're probably facing some kind of lockdown or at least a change to your normal everyday life due to covid19. If you're in the UK then we're starting our plan to leave lockdown but at this point, you're still unable to mix with people outside of your household. Covid19 has been a testing time for every aspect of our lives, none more so than our love and dating lives because everything you would have done before is now out of the window so we're having to learn how to date differently or virtually

5 Ways to Support Charities in Lockdown

How to support charities during lockdown

We're now two months into lockdown in the UK, and while the outlook is brightening slightly there's still a hell of a long way to go before we get back to normality. There are some businesses and charities out there who just can't wait that long. Charities rely vitally on fundraising and other people's kindness and generosity, with the main avenues of raising money decimated it's time to get creative to ensure that the charities are there to support people beyond this

How to create a cosy space during lockdown

How to Create a Cosy Space During Lockdown

The stress of being under practical house arrest for weeks on end can fray the nerves of the most easy-going people! If you’re trying to make your house more cosy and comfortable for the family, here are a few ideas that might help. Creat-ing a cosy space includes organising the household to reduce stress and anxiety as well as ways to keep it tidy and clean.

How to choose a designer radiator to match your interiors

The best designer radiators for your home

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We're heading into warmer months but that doesn't mean you should neglect the radiators in your home, in fact now is the perfect time to change them from the ugly eyesores to beautiful new designer radiators to match your interiors. You'll use your radiator much less in warmer months so make it perfect ready for the cooler months

4 Tips for Staying Safe while Online Dating

How to date online safely

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I always preface any dating posts with my own story, I am the biggest advocate out their for online dating having met Connor on a well-known swipe phone dating site. We met, fell in love and are getting married this year, so if you're feeling downhearted trust me your lobster is out there somewhere.

We're living in the strangest of times right now during Covid19 meaning many aspects of our regular lives have had to change, including dating. While online dating is quite the norm now, this is usually followed by an in real life date. Obviously this isn't happening at the minute so I've got you covered with keeping your love alive during lockdown but what if you're at the start of your dating journey? Don't worry I have the best tips for staying safe while online dating and to avoid the catfish