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About Me

A Sheffield girl in her own version of Wonderland

Alice in Sheffield offers you the best real life content on Sheffield. From where to go to eat to the best tourist attractions you need to visit, I highlight all of the best parts of the steel city. If you are looking to visit the city of Sheffield or just need a reminder of all of the best places in our city then you're in the right place. You will find monthly lists of events, restaurant reviews and highlights of news for the Sheffield community

Who am I?

Well you've clicked about me so I guess you want to know all about the Alice behind "Alice In Sheffield" right? I was born in 1993 in sunny Sheffield and I've never left since! At the grand old age of 29 I now seem to have transported into this thing called adulthood. It's not as exciting as I thought it would be when I was younger, I was led to believe adults knew everything - they don't!

I'm doing alright at this adulting business though. I live in my own house with my gorgeous little boy Max, my furbaby Meeko (he's a Norwegian Forest x Maine Coone cross) and my extra geeky husband Connor (he'll feature often so you may as well get to know him too). My day job is an IT recruiter and by night I'm a superhero. Messing! I'm a blogger and one finding her feet, stumbling my way through life, motherhood and adulthood all at once

Why Blogging?

I've blogged on and off since I was around 13 right back with my Bebo account and Piczo website I thought I was running the internet, turns out they were bad teenage accounts that I'm so thankful can't be accessed anymore. But the need to write and explore the internet never went away so I've blogged under various URL's and now finds me on my new enlightened path and the birth of Alice In Sheffield. People always say write about what you love, write about what you know - so that's exactly what I'm doing. I love Sheffield and can't ever imagine leaving so I should share my fountains of knowledge with you lovely readers right?

What's going to be on the blog?

Please stick around because well I asked so nicely? Genuinely though if you're from Sheffield or ever planning on visiting Sheffield then I am the Sheffield Blogger for you. I'll be reviewing things to do in Sheffield, places to eat and what events you definitely can't miss. I'll also be writing more general lifestyle posts about surviving kicking ass as a millennial girl in a world where everything is our fault

How can you work with me?

If you're a PR, Brand or even a local independent wanting blogger coverage please don't hesitate check out my media kit and email me at I do have a few teeny tiny T&C's but I'm pretty easy going and would love to hear your ideas

Here's a directory of previous collaborations so you can get a feel for my writing
  • Working with me won't guarantee a favourable review. My readers value my integrity and you should too, but really you wouldn't be contacting me if you didn't believe in your product or company so trust that you're excellent self would impress on its own

  • I disclose sponsored/paid/review items with a little asterisk * There's a disclosure on each blog post, please don't ask me not to disclose. The answer will always be no. If you're reading my blog and don't see an * next to a link I visited on my own accord and wrote the post off my own back

  • Exposure doesn't pay the bills. I appreciate not everyone has a global marketing team and budget but contact me and let's see what we can agree on. If you're a Sheffield company contact me anyway, if I love your idea or company I'm likely to visit on my own anyway because I love exploring
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