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Tuesday 17 December 2019

5 Gift Experiences that make perfect presents

Gift Experiences that make perfect presents It's my FINAL Christmas gift guide of the 2019 festive period I hope you've enjoyed reading them and hopefully you've been given lots of fun unique ideas for gifts. The final guide focuses on something a little different, gift experiences. I'm fully on board with collecting memories not th…
Sunday 15 December 2019

Cocktail Bars Sheffield: 10 of the best Sheffield Cocktails

Cocktail Bars Sheffield Do you know that scene in Only Fools where everyone’s drinking a pint in the pub and Delboy has a Pina Colada complete with a mini umbrella? That’s me. No matter what the drinking establishment I head straight for the cocktail menu and start working my way through it. While it’s not the cheapest way to drink it brings me the…
Wednesday 11 December 2019

5 Stocking Fillers under £20

5 Stocking Fillers under £20  We're only 15 days away from Christmas day so you should be seriously geared up with your shopping now and main presents, I've put together a top 5 stocking fillers all under £20 to finish off those Christmas surprises
Saturday 7 December 2019

How to create Pinterest Pins that go Viral

How to create Pinterest Pins that go Viral If you're not already using Pinterest you should be, it's a fantastic source of traffic for your blog and works in a manner similarly to google in that people search for what they're looking for but rather than being directed to links you're shown images linking through to a post which shou…
Monday 2 December 2019

5 Foodie Christmas Gifts everyone wants this year

Foodie Christmas Gifts It's officially December which means all diets are cancelled and every response should be F*ck it it's Christmas! So what better way to celebrate than gorging on delicious food this festive season. Here's my selection of treats that would make perfect foodie christmas gifts
Sunday 1 December 2019

Things to do in Sheffield Today - December 2019

What's On In Sheffield We're heading into the last month of 2019 can you believe it? As you can imagine with it being the month of Christmas there are tons of events planned and fun festive goodness you can get stuck into so lets dive right into things to do in Sheffield today (previous monthly editions can be found here:  April  /  May  /  June  …
Saturday 30 November 2019

Christmas Gifts for the Home

Christmas Gifts for the Home I hope you've been enjoying my christmas gift ideas guides so far be sure to check them all out: ( Mens , Pets ,  Womens , Stocking Fillers , Foodie Gifts , Gift experiences ) today's focus is on Christmas gifts for the Home, because I couldn't decide who gets ownership on the home! So this is a Christmas gift ideas…
Tuesday 26 November 2019

Womens Christmas Presents they DEFINITELY want

Womens Christmas Presents Ideas I hope you guys are enjoying my Christmas Gift Guides and discovering lots of new independent brands - if you've missed them check out my Pet Gift Guide and Men's Gift Guide .  Onto Day 3 of my Christmas Gift Guides and today is the turn of the lovely ladies, this was by far the easiest gift guide as I would l…
Sunday 24 November 2019

Mens Christmas Presents they'll love you for

Mens Christmas Presents they'll love you for It's Day 2 of my gift guide bonanza getting you prepared for Christmas 2019 with the best Mens Christmas Present ideas for the man in your life. Let's kick off surprising the man in your life because let's face it they are the most awkward people to buy for 2019 Christmas Gift Guides can b…
Friday 22 November 2019

Pet Xmas Presents They will Love

Pet Xmas Presents  It's Christmas! No really we landed from our holiday in Cape Verde and BAM Christmas everywhere. From the eager people putting their lights up to the constant stream of Christmas adverts it seems everyone's getting into the festive spirit. With less than a week to Black Friday madness I thought it would be the perfect time…
Saturday 9 November 2019

The Botanist Sheffield - New Autumn Menu

The Botanist Sheffield New Autumn Menu Launch I love eating out and I love Sheffield, if you've been here before you've probably seen that I try and eat Sheffield often and review all the delicious food so I was thrilled to be asked to review The Botanist Sheffield's new Autumn Menu Launch *. I've been to the Botanist a few times and…
Saturday 2 November 2019

The Gatorade Benefits You Need To Know

The Gatorade Benefits You Need To Know It's November and the clocks have gone back and winter is well and truly here. I seem to be going to work in the dark and leaving in the dark too so it's really easy to see how this can affect people's mood and even energy levels. I personally really struggle in the winter and heavily rely on my SA…
Friday 1 November 2019

Things to do near Sheffield this November

Things to do near Sheffield this November Wow oh wow we're 11 months into the year I can almost feel Christmas on the horizon! I personally cannot stand Winter so I'm heading out of the country BUT I have found some brilliant events for you lovely people staying in Sheffield this month (previous monthly editions can be found here: April / Ma…
Friday 18 October 2019

When to change tyres? Tips and Advice for maintaining your car

When to change Tyres? It's coming very quickly into winter which means it's extra important you remain vigilant and safe on the roads . I don't know about you but driving in the winter is a much more stressful experience, but there's so many ways to prepare your car so you feel safer and in control such as knowing when to change tyre…
Friday 11 October 2019

Gin and Rum Festival 2019 Review

The Gin & Rum Festival - Trafalgar Warehouse The weekend just gone I was super fortunate to visit and review the Gin & Rum festival which I recommended in my Things to do in October post  I was really excited, it's the largest Gin and Rum festival tour * and promised to deliver over 60 different Gins and 60 different Rums so off we went
Saturday 5 October 2019

101 things in 1001 days - 200 day check up

101 things in 1001 days - 200 day check up A whole 6 months ago now I started my Day Zero Project of picking 101 goals to complete in the next 1001 days we're now on the 200th day! I can't believe that I'm pretty much 20% of the way through the time I better get a move on with some of my goals I did an update 100 days ago so here's …
Thursday 3 October 2019

Watch British TV This Month: October 2019

Watch British TV This Month: October 2019 We're well into Autumn now which means brilliant TV is coming back to our screens, it's dark outside and it's so much better to stay inside and be cosy. If you need some ideas then definitely check out my August and September recommendations too. This month I thought I'd focus on a best of B…
Tuesday 1 October 2019

Things to do around Sheffield this October

Things to do around Sheffield 10 months into 2019 can you believe it? We're peak Autumn now and the weather is horrible so cheer yourself up with lots of fun things to do in Sheffield this month (previous monthly editions can be found  here:  April  /  May  /  June  / July  /  August  / September )
Sunday 29 September 2019

Space Wishlist - How to Channel Celestial Vibes

Space Wishlist I haven't done a wishlist post in forever and this time I'm channelling all those Spacey, cosmic celestial vibes to bring a little magic and stardust to my world in this space wishlist. We're heading into October and Halloween which is one of my favourite times because everywhere starts selling spooky / out of this world …
Tuesday 17 September 2019

A Complete Blogging Checklist to do every day

How I keep organised with my daily blogging checklist I've been blogging on and off  for over 5 years now under various guises but always while either studying at university or holding down a full time job, because of this my daily blogging checklist has been an absolute lifesaver for keeping me organised and on schedule. So I thought I'd sh…
Thursday 5 September 2019

What Should I watch tonight? September 2019

What Should I watch tonight?  I was thrilled that last months ' what to watch ' post was enjoyed by my lovely readers so lets kick into the second month of my regular feature and help you answer 'What should I watch tonight?" We're heading into Autumn so lots of new seasons galore as fall tv kicks off a jam packed schedule here&#…
Sunday 1 September 2019

9 Things to do in Sheffield in September

What's On In Sheffield Autumn is approaching and we're 9 months into 2019. The weather's been incredibly unpredictable but that hasn't stopped Sheffield having tons of wonderful events and this month is no different so check out all of the cool things to do in Sheffield this month (previous monthly editions can be found  here:  April  /…
Tuesday 27 August 2019

Can You Afford to Die in Sheffield? 5 Ways to afford Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans and Costs in Sheffield The one inevitable factor in life is one day we all pass. However, it is something that many of us do not financially prepare ourselves for.   Have you ever considered how much your own funeral plans could cost and if your family would be able to afford this?  The average funeral cost in the UK is £3,757 and Yorks…
Sunday 25 August 2019

KFC Fakeaway Chicken Strips with Colonels Herbs and Spices Recipe

KFC Chicken Fakeaway Recipe One thing I love is food and eating out at as evidenced with my many Sheffield restaurant reviews . But I equally love cooking and creating recipes at home. I love trying to emulate food I've eaten myself and one of my favourite things is creating fakeaway recipes. Traditionally fast food recipes but created my way an…
Monday 12 August 2019

Turtle Bay Sheffield Review - A taste of the Caribbean

The Caribbean way at Turtle Bay Sheffield Back in 2018 Turtle Bay * opened up in Sheffield and I was thrilled! It's billed as the best Caribbean restaurant and bar in Britain and has so many different locations. I'd visited other Turtle Bay restaurants and always left full of happy vibes (and lots of rum) so I was very glad that Sheffield wa…
Saturday 10 August 2019

Why you should choose Neolith kitchen worktops

Making the right choice for your Neolith kitchen worktop Hands up who spends hours pouring over Pinterest looking at beautiful homes and how they can create them. Since I bought my house last year I'd say I spend a lot more time putting these ideas into action and working out how I can get my dream home. I've done a fair few posts on the ho…
Sunday 4 August 2019

What to Watch This Weekend: August 2019

What to watch this weekend: The best TV shows you should be watching Everyone has hobbies right? Whether that's something super active like going to the gym, hiking or horseriding or something a little less tiresome like playing board games, cinema or deciding what to watch on tv. I definitely fall in the latter section and my love my movies an…
Thursday 1 August 2019

Best Things to do in Sheffield in August

What's On This Month We're officially into the 8th month of the year! Summer is here which means that Sheffield is buzzing with lots of fun and exciting things to do, if like me you're planning on sticking around this summer then keep reading to find the best things to do in Sheffield this summer (previous monthly editions can be found …
Saturday 27 July 2019

4 reasons to pick Hull University as a student

Living and Studying at Hull University It's officially summertime, the schools are out, exams are completed and we're even in the middle of a heatwave so now is the perfect time to explore the UK a little more. If you've just finished your exams and you're ready to go to University why not go and visit places you could be calling ho…
Tuesday 23 July 2019

Piccolino Restaurant Sheffield Review - Sicily in Sheffield

Piccolino Sheffield Living and eating in Sheffield my whole life I'd like to think I have a good feel for the area and its surroundings. I first visited Piccolino Restaurant Sheffield for my 18th Birthday a whopping 8 years ago now! So I was thrilled to go back and experience this delightful Italian bringing Sicily to Sheffield.
Monday 15 July 2019

The best second hand cars to buy

The best second hand cars to buy Buying a car! Apart from buying a house, it's one of the largest and most important purchases most of us will make. It's something that we rely on and use on a daily basis to get around, commute to work, have adventures so it's crucial we get it right! I've had my car close to two years now and it w…
Monday 1 July 2019

Sheffield Things to do in July

Sheffield Things to do in July  Can you believe we're over halfway through the year? You wouldn't know it with the weather outside but we're officially in summer now so it's time to find lots of cool summer activities and things to do in Sheffield (previous monthly editions can be found here: April / May / June )
Thursday 27 June 2019

101 in 1001 days - Day Zero Project 100 day update

Day Zero Project 101 in 1001 days - 100 day check up Way back in March I began my Day Zero Project:  101 in 1001 days  where I picked 101 goals I want to complete in the next 1001 days we're now 100 days into my challenge so effectively 10% of the way there so I thought I'd do a little update on my progress so far.
Sunday 23 June 2019

Hotel Du Vin York - Afternoon Tea Delights You Should Try

Champagne Afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin York York is one of those places that I adore visiting, it's such a quaint city that has an oldy worldy feel combined with flashes of modern day life. I love that it embraces its history and maintains that magical feel. Diagon Alley in Harry Potter was based on the Shambles because of this it draws visit…
Thursday 20 June 2019

How to redesign your bathroom

How to redesign your bathroom effectively I was lucky moving into my home in that the Kitchen and Bathroom were brand new as it was a new build home and I understand that for a lot of people this isn't an option. If after cleaning up the bathroom it's still not hitting the mark then don't worry! Being able to redesign your bathroom doe…
Sunday 16 June 2019

LQ Liquid Health Supplements - The Benefits

How LQ Liquid Health Supplements are keeping me young It dawned on me the other day that it's 10 years since I left school - I'm 26 and I can't believe how quickly time passes. I'm on that upwards curve towards 30 and while I'm trying really hard to crack this adulting lark I've started focusing more on trying to look after…
Thursday 6 June 2019

ImmotionVR at Xscape Yorkshire

Virtual Reality Experience At the weekend Me and Connor went to Xscape Yorkshire for a day out. If you've never been it's based in Castleford at Jct32 and is basically a complete entertainment destination. It has tons of activities, Cineworld cinema , shopping outlets and restaurants to make sure you can play, shop and eat all in one place.…
Tuesday 4 June 2019

Land of Rugs Review - The Ridge Rug

Land of Rugs Review One of the best parts of owning my own home has definitely been finally getting the opportunity to put all my interior ideas into practice throughout the home including the bathroom and bedroom . I have so many different ideas of things I want to do to make the house more homely but my main area of focus is definitely my living …
Saturday 1 June 2019

Fun Things to do in Sheffield this June you Need to do

9 Fun Things to do in Sheffield in June It's literally halfway through the year I can't believe it! Where does the time go? One positive of now being in June is that we're definitely getting lot's more sunshine in Sheffield. Anyway time for the third edition of fun things to do in Sheffield ( May and April editions can be found resp…
Wednesday 29 May 2019

Unusual Dad Gifts this Fathers Day

Unusual Dad Gifts this Fathers Day We're fast approaching Fathers Day 2019 falling on 16th June this year. Which gives you just over two weeks to get those unusual dad gifts. I always struggle with Fathers Day, purely because my dads birthday falls in May so he's even trickier to buy for because I've already bought everything he'd …
Monday 27 May 2019

How to make a bed like a hotel

How to make a bed like a hotel Sleep is so underrated! There's nothing I love more than getting into bed ready for a good nights sleep. That feeling of freshly washed quilt covers and sheets as you get cosy is one of my favourite feelings ever. We've recently returned from holiday which has meant staying in two different hotels and there&#…
Saturday 25 May 2019

Top Tips for a Paperless Office

Why you should go paperless in the office The worlds falling to pieces and it's getting to a point now where we can't avoid it, there are regular climate marches as the push to prevent climate change becomes more prevalent but what do we do as the average joe? How can we actually make a difference? One simple step is to attempt to have a p…
Wednesday 22 May 2019

National BBQ Week Competition - Win a Barbibox of BBQ Goodies

National BBQ Week 27th May - 2nd June Did you know that next week is the official National BBQ Week? The sun is shining and the nights are lighter which means you should definitely dust off your BBQ and get cooking and I've got the perfect competition to get you in the mood for BBQ Season
Friday 10 May 2019

How to increase domain authority on your blog

Increase your domain authority If you've landed here you're probably thinking what the hell is domain authority? Why is it so important and how can I increase domain authority on my blog? So many questions and if you're new to blogging I'd definitely take your time learning and researching around DA and PA (page authority) and how …
Friday 3 May 2019

5 Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Reviews

Best Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Back when I created my 101 in 1001 list one of the goals on there was to order from every Sheffield takeaways on Just Eat . I don't know about you guys but I love a takeaway, pizza would be my cuisine of choice but I'm open to trying new things and as I'm just coming up to one year in my new home and addr…
Thursday 2 May 2019

Free Blog Photo Sites for the Best Blog Images

Best Free blog photos and royalty-free images for bloggers As a blogger one of my main passions is writing, I adore creating content and getting my words onto the web to get a viewpoint across, now most readers are now very visual so my words will be accompanied with images. Unfortunately, I'm not an excellent photographer (working on it) so I …
Tuesday 30 April 2019

What's on Sheffield - May 2019

What's on Sheffield - May 2019 Events you can't miss Hurrah it's a new month (almost) Happy May everyone and welcome to the second edition of my Things to do in Sheffield feature ( you can read the April feature here ). I've had brilliant feedback and I'm glad you guys are loving my ideas on how to get the most out of our gorgeous…
Monday 22 April 2019

Becoming self employed as a blogger - 6 things you need to know about UK taxes

Becoming self employed as a UK Blogger So you've been blogging a while, or maybe you're a new blogger on the scene? Eventually, your thoughts will turn to monetising your blog and smashing that glass ceiling , I relaunched my blog in March but I've been registered as self-employed for a few years now due to making money via other blogs.  …
Sunday 21 April 2019

Dumbo Full Movie Review - Live Action Remake

Dumbo Full Movie Review I've always been a huge Disney fan, I spent hours and hours watching all the Disney movies when I was younger and even went to Walt Disney World last year, so I always have huge excitement surrounding the live action remakes. Dumbo the elephant was always one of my favourite Disney classics and with the original Dumbo be…
Saturday 20 April 2019

How to use Toughened Glass to brighten your home

Interior Design Tips Using Toughened Glass When I moved into my home last year it was a new build, it has a lot of magnolia walls but is like a blank canvas for me to put my own stamp on. I've spent a lot of time trawling the internet looking at interior design and have decided I'd like a modern look. The clean edges, neutral colours and br…
Wednesday 17 April 2019

Fat Hippo Sheffield Kommune Review - Burgers to die for

Fat Hippo Sheffield - So good we have two! Fat Hippo is one of those eateries that have become legendary in their own city and I was over the moon when Fat Hippo Sheffield was announced as one of the occupants of I've Kommune . I'd been awaiting the opening in Sheffield since it was very first announced way back in 2018, I watched it being t…
Sunday 14 April 2019

Long Haul Flight Tips as a Plus Size Girl

How to cope with a long haul flight as a plus size girl In November 2018 I went to Florida and it was the holiday of a lifetime, I'm going to struggle to top it. I went Disney crazy and adored every second of living and breathing the theme parks (if you're planning on going check out my Disney Planning Timeline ). The journey there was the f…
Friday 12 April 2019

How to plan a trip to Disney World

How to plan a trip to Disney World - Planning your vacation from booking to finally experiencing the magic In November 2018 I went to Walt Disney World Orlando and it was the best two weeks of my entire life, the magic is unreal and every little moment was full of wonder and intrigue. One of the most important things that improved our experience wa…
Wednesday 10 April 2019

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks to Transform Your Space

5 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks to keep it sparkling I'm coming to my first year anniversary in my home and I can't believe how fast it's gone, I've learned a lot in that first year of being a homeowner mainly how much my mum actually did for me! And how much cleaning I didn't have to do, now it's all down to me so I've been c…
Monday 8 April 2019

UK Road Trips: Where To Go Next?

The BEST UK Road Trips you have to go on Although flights are becoming more and more accessible for many people, there has been a growth in the number of people who choose to go on road trips instead, especially UK Road Trips. The reason for this is mainly down to the fact that a jet setting lifestyle isn’t sustainable for most of the general popul…
Saturday 6 April 2019

Nandos Sheffield Centertainment Review - Delicious Peri Peri Chicken

Nandos Sheffield Centertainment Everyone loves a cheeky Nandos right? Apparently, that's a British thing and the Americans don't quite understand what's so cheeky about a Nandos. Put simply I love Nandos. It's an old favourite and a place me and Connor visit often during our Cineworld Cinema trips due to it's proximity to Cinewo…
Thursday 28 March 2019

Cineworld in Sheffield Movie Review - US

Cineworld in Sheffield Movie Review - Us by Jordan Peele On Friday we were back at our usual haunt of Cineworld in Sheffield all ready to watch Jordan Peele's newest creation 'Us'. My second movie review which is a very different genre to Captain Marvel which I reviewed.  The horror of entering Jordan Peele's psychologically messed up…
Sunday 24 March 2019

Unusual Mothers Day Gift Ideas

The best unusual gifts for Mum this Mother's Day Mother's Day UK is fast approaching and Mothering Sunday is the best time to show your loved one how much you appreciate her with amazing presents for mum. Whether you celebrate Mother's Day with your Mum, Step Mum, Nan, or maybe it will be your first Mother's Day this year? Here'…
Tuesday 19 March 2019

101 in 1001 - My Day Zero Bucket List Goals

101 in 1001 - life goals for the Day Zero Project As I mentioned a few weeks back I relaunched my blog , which if you've been here before hopefully you've noticed. I decided that I should also do a new Day Zero Project , 101 in 1001 list, it's like a bucket list with a set start and finish time because life changes right? What we want rig…
Sunday 17 March 2019

Inspiring Quotes by Shakespeare - 7 Still Used Today

My Favourite Inspiring Shakespeare Quotes Used Today It's the start of Shakespeare Week tomorrow (18th - 24th March), an event created by the guys who run the Shakespeare birthplace trust to celebrating the great man no matter what your age. I imagine we've all had run in's with Will whether that be through school exams (I had to do Rom…
Friday 15 March 2019

Winter Driver Safety tips for staying safe on the road

Winter Driving - How to stay safe on the road Road conditions can change drastically in the time between Winter and Spring. Weather can go from glorious sunshine to terrible storms, snow, and rainfall so it's crucial that you're prepared for every eventuality. Even more so if you've bought a second-hand car so I've put together a fe…
Thursday 14 March 2019

Five Guys Sheffield Have  The Most  Delicious Burger And Fries

Burgers and fries at Sheffield Five Guys Today I'm going to talk to you about my favourite topic, food. I love food some people eat to live, I'm definitely in the live-to-eat category and cannot get enough of eating out and trying lots of yummy food.  All in the name of research of course so I can review all the places to eat in Sheffield s…
Monday 11 March 2019

Cineworld Sheffield A Captain Marvel 2019 Movie Review

I'm not what you think I am - A review of Captain Marvel from Sheffield Cineworld I've had a Cineworld Unlimited Card for almost four years now at Cineworld Centertainment Sheffield . It is one of my better purchases and for £18.40 a month I can go to the cinema as much as I want. There are also tons of benefits from cinema food and drinks w…
Sunday 10 March 2019

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog Successfully

How to make your new blog a success Blogging as a lifestyle choice is growing in popularity due to the freedom it offers people and earning potential from home. If you are thinking about jumping into blogging, I have created a post all about how to start a lifestyle blog and make it a success from day one.