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Tuesday 27 August 2019

Can You Afford to Die in Sheffield? 5 Ways to afford Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans and Costs in Sheffield

The one inevitable factor in life is one day we all pass. However, it is something that many of us do not financially prepare ourselves for.  Have you ever considered how much your own funeral plans could cost and if your family would be able to afford this? The average funeral cost in the UK is £3,757 and Yorkshire comes just above average at £3,768.

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A Loving Tribute* wants to highlight this and help put an end to funeral poverty. They have created a heatmap to showcase the postcode lottery we are facing in England.

 The average debt families are taking on after hosting a funeral is £1,744.

Of those who got themselves into this debt, 21% took out credit cards or loans to pay. Should consumers have to take on these arrears to say goodbye to a family member?

The average cremation is Sheffield Central is £3,311, already a staggering amount. If you opt for a burial, this will set you back £4,322.
Funeral Plans Sheffield

There are prepaid funeral plans available to help alleviate your loved ones of this financial burden but with most policies paying out around £1,000 for the basic costs such as doctor’s fees, how can we make sure we avoid funeral poverty?

1. Burial and Cremation

Burial and cremation fees are definitely the most expensive aspect of a send-off and are obviously an element that can not be eliminated.

There is an answer to a more affordable solution. Natural burials, this involves burial in a more natural setting rather than a cemetery. Not only is this cheaper, but it is also considered more environmentally friendly.

If cremation is more suitable, there is a process known as direct cremation. This is when cremation takes place as soon as possible after a death. Mourners can not be present but will still receive the ashes, typically people host a funeral upon receiving these and have a less traditional service.

2. Memorials

Headstones are typically the largest expense after burial and cremation. The average price is over £900. There are many more modern, more affordable alternatives you can use.

The most popular alternative is planting a tree in memory of your loved one, this is more environmentally friendly and often seen as a less morbid memorial to visit when you are wanting to reflect on the deceased life.

Younger family members may not be ready to visit grave sites and other memorials but that certainly does not mean they can not remember those who have passed. A wonderful idea for children is to create memory books, this will last a lifetime and are a much kinder way to help them come to terms with death.

3. Stationery

Everyone is unique and grieving families want to make sure funerals are as unique as the person. This can come at a cost, personalised stationery can be expensive, especially when having to hire a designer if you do not have the time or skill to create this yourself. If you do have the skill there are templates and free fonts available and you can make something beautiful.

Using a funeral order of service template is cheaper*, easier and with the abundance of options available you are sure to find one that suits your loved one’s personality.

4. Crowdfunding

Instead of mourners bringing flowers, ask for donations towards funeral costs. This can easily be voiced with the notice of death or invitation. Social media makes it far easier to communicate this to others rather than traditional invitations, it is also free.

If you do not feel comfortable asking for money, perhaps you can request small platters of food to contribute to the wake or each guest could bring a bottle, to help with the much-needed drink you may all need after the service.

5. Venue Hire

No one will be blown away by an amazing venue. During a funeral, guests tend to have a lot more on their mind.

If you are able, host the wake in your own home or the home of the deceased. This can be a fantastic way for people to visit their home for the final time and help with closure. It also gives you free rein over all costs and you don’t have to worry about anyone going over your budget at the bar.
Did your loved one have a favourite place to visit? Perhaps a beach or a park? If the weather permits you can always host a wake there. A modern alternative and free.

When searching for a funeral director, always shop around and compare prices. There are even price comparison websites for directors. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to grieve, it is what feels right to you and those closest to those who have passed on. 

Funeral Plans and the costs

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  1. It's truly amazing how much funerals cost. My grandmother just passed in December and we were lucky that she actually prepaid (because that's apparently a thing) for her funeral services and plot 30 years ago. Thankfully, the funeral home honored that even though it would be multiple times that amount in this day.

    Not to sound heartless, but if someone is dead - why do they cost so much? Its crazy! I did a quick Google for curiosity and in the US it says the average funeral is $7000-$9000. You could literally buy a car.

    Casey |

    1. It's incredible isn't it? And the last thing family needs to think about in that situation


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