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Friday 7 February 2020

The BEST Free Fonts available and where to find them

5 Places to source the best FREE fonts 

If you're creating a blog, pinterest graphics or pretty much anything there are so many elements to get right. Take a blog for example, your content could be excellent, your imagery beautiful but if you're using unreadable fonts the message is going to get lost pretty quickly. Along with free stock images I begrudge paying for fonts, I'd consider it for maybe a couple to help me keep a consistent brand identity but on the whole there are tons of places you can get free fonts so why pay? I've put together some of my favourite free font sites and a cool free font from each

Free fonts Typography

Free Typography

These guys link to free fonts on a regular basis giving the designers full attribution it's a great mix of type faces with my favourite one being Mona - there's 28 pages full of free fonts so you'll be sure to find something to suit


This is probably the original and best place I source fonts from, there are literally 46 thousand different fonts! It's really important to check the licenses on these ones as not all will be free fonts for commercial use but with so many live it's easy enough to find something suitable. I personally love Disney Family and the other wing ding style fonts for the pretty pictures

1001 free Fonts

The clues in the name really - theres actually over 2000 free fonts and a huge category list you can pick to refine the type down. I love The Heart Chakra it's very cute 

Google Fonts

While it's not the most expansive collection, Google fonts is highly reliable for the best readable fonts, the ones that sites tend to rank higher for using. I love that you can write your sentence and immediately see what it looks like in all the fonts on their site my particular favourite being Indie Flower

What Font

Not quite a free font website but a super useful tool to identify different fonts on websites. This helps to discover other free fonts that your favourite bloggers might be using and where they can be downloaded. 

Free to use fonts

What's your favourite font?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I personally only knew about Google Fonts so having a couple of other sites to check out for new fonts is really useful. I can't wait to play around with some new fonts. :)

    xoxo Simone |



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