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Wednesday 3 August 2022

Hoover Vacuum H-Power 300 Review

 Hoover Vacuum H-Power 300

Trying to maintain a clean home with a baby under one and the fluffiest cat known to man (read about my cat Meeko here) is a challenge. Some days I'm surrounded by baby toys, cat toys, and various food from weaning, and can't see the wood for the trees in terms of cleaning. I try my best to keep on top of hoovering and dusting and keeping a tidy home. But my current vacuum wasn't really touching the sides so I was delighted to try out the new Hoover Vacuum H-Power 300*

Hoover H-Power 300

Hoover H-Power 300 Benefits

The H-Power 300* is absolutely jam-packed with features and benefits. From its multi-cyclonic technology to it's allergy-friendly filters this vacuum is the perfect addition to any busy home. It has an incredibly high-powered and efficient 850w motor which really gives it some suction power you can feel when hoovering your home.

Most in tune with my home and family is the silver ion treatment. It helps prevent the build-up of bacteria, the HEPA filter helps traps the allergens and purify the air, while the additional tools really help you lift out stubborn pet hair (which if you have a long-haired cat is really stubborn!) 

H-Power 300

The Review

The proof in the pudding with any review is how easy it is to use, and just how closely it matches up to the description of the benefits. The Hoover Vacuum H-Power 300 was packaged really well, upon getting everything out it hit me just how many attachments you receive and how tailored it is to each part of the home. The instructions are all graphic so if you need words to understand then pull in help from someone who works better with an illustration, but they're pretty self explanatory!

One of my favourite parts of the instructions is the picture description showing you just what each attachment does, it helps work out where to use each part to get the most out of your new hoover whether you've got carpet, thick rugs or vinyl flooring. Make sure you pay attention to use the most appropriate tool.

The power of the H-Power 300 really hits you when you switch it on, it is a corded model but this doesn't hold you back as it has a whopping 12m working radius and reach meaning I can clean my entire staircase without lugging it up and downstairs. If you'd prefer a cordless vacuum there are tons of options available that offer similar benefits

After a whizz around our living room which is the most used room in the house and one where the main dirt culprits spend their time (cat and baby) I was really impressed, it had actual hoover lines on my carpet and could see a really clear difference. I could also see the build up of pet dander and dust it had managed to work out. And the hoover head speaks for itself - this run was one day after I'd been over with my old vacuum (guess what colour my cat is!). 

H-Power 300 Hoover Head

All in all I found the Hoover Vacuum H-Power 300 excellent. It hits all my needs and makes cleaning my house a much easier affair. It helped gather dust and bacteria which stopped any dust allergy breakout from disturbing it and most importantly my carpet has a complete new lease of life - I can see it becoming a staple to making my home life easier and cleaner!

If you're looking for a new Hoover model then check out the site and use my Hoover Direct discount code AIS20 to get a whopping 20% off your order

Which Vacuum do you have? 
How do you keep on top of your cleaning?

Hoover H-Power 300

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