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Monday 25 July 2022

101 in 1001 - 200 day update

 200 day goal update

I can't believe just how quickly we're whizzing through 2022, it can't only be me that thinks the first few months of a year last forever and then blink and we're hurtling into August - two thirds of the way through the year! At the start of the year I began my newest 101 list (check out my old completed list for goal inspiration too). I'm now just over 200 days into the challenge (100 day update here) so let's see what progress I've made 

101 in 1001 days



[24] Win a fantasy football league - I had my highest finish worldwide last season and managed to win the league I was in with Connor, it was a close call at the end but was a super fun way to keep competition between us

[61] Pave top garden and fence off steep inclines - We finally got this done and I absolutely love how it looks! I need to paint the fence but it's given us so much more privacy

[72] Make a new friend - I'm happy to say some of the women I met at playgroup are definitely friends now, as in we're connected on facebook etc.

[95] Attend baby / child first aid - This made weaning SO much easier. I was much more confident following a BLW approach and Max has absolutely loved it


[1] Take a picture of Max every week - I have literally hundreds of pictures of my boy! But we've stuck to taking a picture every Friday morning that I keep in a special album. My boy has changed so much in just 8 months it makes me emotional how little he was and what a little man he's turning into

[2] Create our wedding album - We've picked all the photos and had them printed out, we've also worked through our cards and created cute little cut-outs from them so all we need now is time to put it all together

[3] Celebrate our Wedding anniversary - We celebrated our first wedding anniversary together by going to the Zoo! It was a weird weekend as we were at a wedding and then the zoo so by the day of our wedding anniversary a rest day was needed and it was just lovely.

[4] Date night once a month - It's definitely hard work finding time to date but we're managing it if purely by chance with adult events such as weddings etc. we recently came back from a few days in Gdansk without Max which was a lovely break. We've already got our August date on the calender too

[8] See grandparents and great grandparents every week - Max genuinely loves seeing his grandparents and extended family he's always giggling at them and the relationship is growing

[9] Tell Connor I love him every day - every single night before sleep at a minimum but honestly it's probably more than once a day

[10] Celebrate all Max's Milestones - Babbling little monkey who can sit independently, he's a little food monster and weanings going great. He moves around by rolling and has three teeth currently with his fourth on the brink - I can't believe just how many milestones he goes through he's constantly changing 

[11] 10k instagram followers - 7500 currently so that's 1000 gained in 100 days

[12] 10k Twitter followers - 8000 currently so that's 500 gained in 100 days

[13] 100k audience on Pinterest - 58k currently - 6k higher than before and this does fluctuate up to the 60s too

[14] 10k blog views per month - Averaging around 3k - 5k currently and seems to be growing month on month

[15] 10 new blog posts a month - This definitely slowed down to around 3-4 a month but I'm determined to get it back up

[16] Get blog DA to 30 - Currently still sat at 20

[21] Watch every Disney movie - Now up to 2005 with the movies

[22] Cook through a cookbook - I'm right at the back of one of my Pinch of Nom books and I've already started on a weaning What Mummy Makes book 

[23] Try all the lush bath bombs - I need to make a new order but I've got about 10 left on my list, we'll see what their next collection is and if I've got any new ones to add. The newest one I've just tried was called Dirty and was so refreshing and minty

[25] Read a new book a month - I'm slightly behind with this one but here's the five I've managed so far: 

[26] Shop a store a month at Meadowhall - I've kept up doing this So far I've shopped Next, Primark, Sports Direct, Baker & Barista, The Perfume Shop, Supercuts and H&M

[29] Complete two point hospital to 100% - I've completed most of the base game now, just working on some of the DLC content

[34] Finish changing my name everywhere - Still working on this, it's the niggly ones where I have to go in I've been leaving I really need to get round to them

[38] Make 3k selling clutter on eBay / Vinted - Close to £1000 now! Which is amazing and was my goal for this entire year, this is purely from selling stuff I already own or what Max has outgrown too

[39] Save £5 for each completed item on the list - I've been waiting to do my update to do this again but I've carried on. It's cool watching this mini pot grow 

[46] Regular yearly checks ups (Doctors / Dentist / Opticians) - Still need to schedule the Dentist, story of everyones life in the UK right? It's impossible to see them

[64] Buy garden furniture to make it a nice place for the summer - We've got a gorgeous new summer patio set, I've got quite a few more bits I want to complete in the garden this year but it's definitely coming along

[68] Meal plan regularly - I thought it would get harder when weaning Max but if anything it's made me much more structured and we're thriving off feeding him new things and I'm wasting so much less food

[79] Buy 5 just because gifts - Still on the one but I'm not wanting to force this more it be natural when I see something someone will like

[82] Tripadvisor to 250 visited - Up to 225 now and with it being the summer holidays I'm sure we'll be adding lots more

[87] Complete a map square weekly while out walking - I definitely need to get out walking more but I'm still working hard on this one

[92] Keep up using a daily diary - I'm still using my Inspire Spirit Diary every week / month to keep me focused on my goals

[94] Do something that scares me once a year (1/3) - Weaning Max was definitely scary but we've done it and love it

[97] Make 20 things I've seen on Pinterest - I've started trying out some of the recipes I save on Pinterest. So far I've made 4 things (cosmic brownies, chocolate orange brownies, crunchie brownies and nutella fridge bars)

[100] Do 100 day check ins on 101 goals - My second check in! And I still love seeing how I'm doing, it really focuses me for the next 100 days 

So I've added another 4 tasks to my completed list taking me to 10/101 completed and my in progress list now stands at 32/100 which means I hit the target I set myself in my last check up which is excellent. I'm going to aim to get to 15 completed goals and 35 in progress by my next check in - wish me luck!

Which goals do you think I can check off before my next update?

101 in 1001

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