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Wednesday 20 April 2022

101 in 1001 - 100 day update

 100 day goal update

Back in January '22 I started my second go at a 101 in 1001 days goal list (if you'd like to check my last project check out the completed post here). I find setting such a wide varied list really helps keep me motivated on areas of my life I'd like to improve. One of my goals is always to do a 100 day update - it helps me assess how I'm getting on and work out what areas need more attention so here's my updates so far:

101 in 1001


To see my full list check out my new resolutions post but here's the progress in the first 100 days


[30] Binge a TV series in one day - Completed this with the newest season of After life which was an amazing watch

[35] Start savings account for Max - He's got his own little Monzo pot with all his Christmas money and child benefit in to save for any big things or as a little nest egg later down the line

[43] Recover properly from my C-Section - I'm saying this is complete! My scar is fully healed and looking good, I've passed my diabetes test meaning gestational diabetes didn't have any lasting effects so all is well thankfully

[75] Join a book club - I do an online book club with the Mama Project and really enjoy the books chosen so far

[78] Go to mummy and baby groups - We go to a group every Friday now and Me and Max both love it

[93] Have an organised birthday calendar - I've got a Birthday book where I keep track of birthdays and buy cards in advance it's made it tons easier!


[1] Take a picture of Max every week - Along with a gazillion other pictures of him I've remembered to take a picture of Max every single Friday since he was born I can't believe just how much he's changed in those 5 months

[4] Date night once a month - Dating with a baby is hard work but we've managed to make it work with Cinema dates and Valentines' night away plus regular football match dates

[8] See grandparents and great grandparents every week - We're actually doing really well with this and I'm loving the relationships Max is making with his grandparents

[9] Tell Connor I love him every day - without fail the easiest goal in the world because he makes it so easy!

[10] Celebrate all Max's Milestones - My little boy is now babbling away, rolling, and sitting up with a little help. His laughs are hilarious and he's just so clever! I'm loving watching him grow 

[11] 10k instagram followers - 6500 currently

[12] 10k Twitter followers - 7500 currently

[13] 100k audience on Pinterest - 52k currently

[14] 10k blog views per month - Averaging around 3k - 4k currently

[15] 10 new blog posts a month - 6/7 posts a month on average

[16] Get blog DA to 30 - Currently sat at 20

[21] Watch every Disney movie - I'm up to 2004 now with films watched!

[22] Cook through a cookbook - I'm currently working through one of my pinch of nom cookbooks and really enjoying it marking the recipes I'd love to make again

[23] Try all the lush bath bombs - I keep a running list for this too, I've just finished trying the Easter 22 collection

[25] Read a new book a month - I've been keeping on top of this one! My read list so far is Thursday Murder Club, The man who died twice and The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo 

[26] Shop a store a month at Meadowhall - I've enjoyed doing this! So far I've shopped Next, Primark, Sports Direct and Baker & Barista

[29] Complete two point hospital to 100% - I'm further than I've ever been on the levels and making good progress with this

[34] Finish changing my name everywhere - Gosh such a slow process but I'm getting there still lots of places to go

[38] Make 3k selling clutter on eBay / Vinted - Over £500 completed on this one with lots of my old clothes and Max's which he's outgrown sold on

[39] Save £5 for each completed item on the list - I've been doing this into a little pot, it's quite small at the minute but it's nice watching it grow

[46] Regular yearly checks ups (Doctors / Dentist / Opticians) - Doctors and Opticians ticked for 2022, just need to schedule a dentist appointment

[68] Meal plan regularly - This is working ok now, I imagine its going to get trickier as I wean Max but I'm ready to take it on! It's definitely meaning we waste much less food

[79] Buy 5 just because gifts - One so far for my mum as I saw some Giraffe coasters I thought she'd love

[82] Tripadvisor to 250 visited - Up to 204! We keep adding new fun places at weekends when we can

[87] Complete a map square weekly while out walking - This is from my South Yorkshire maps, it works really well to pick a new square to go and explore and it stops us wondering where to go on a weekend

[92] Keep up using a daily diary - I use my diary every day to keep track of goals and give my self to-do lists 

[100] Do 100 day check ins on 101 goals - This is my first check in and it's good to see it written down and see where I'm making progress

So there we have it! I've completed 6 / 101 and have 27/101 in progress from my first 100 days which I think is really good going as that's around a third of my goals with some progress against it. Some will be ongoing throughout the project but it's good to be starting progress. I'm going to aim to get my completed up to 10 and in progress up to 30 for my next update 

What goal should I focus on next?

100 day update

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