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Friday 16 April 2021

A-Z Dates - A dating idea for every letter of the alphabet

Alphabet A-Z Dates you should do

I'm back with another post on dating ideas! I've written before just how important dating is in a relationship, whether you're looking to Meet Buckinghamshire Singles* or you're further along your dating journey in a long term relationship. Dating and date nights are crucial to connecting with your partner, having fun just the two of you and solidifying your relationship. It's a good excuse to get away from the daily norm and boring tasks and get excited about spending quality time together.

Me and Connor have been together a number of years now, and are even engaged to be married hopefully very soon! But we still have a date night jar where we try and do one fun unique date night each month. If you're looking for themed date nights or cheap date nights or just inspiration after finding someone special using dating sites uk* check out my massive A-Z List of Date night ideas below

A-Z Dates

A-Z Dates: Alphabet Date Ideas

A - Aquarium, Afternoon Tea, Axe Throwing
B - Bowling, Brewery, Boat Ride
C - Comedy Show, Camping, Cinema
D - Drive-In Movie, Dancing, Dinner Out
E - Escape Room, Exercise, Eat Out 
F - Farmers Market, Festival, Fishing
G - Game Night, Golf (Mini or Crazy), Ghost Tour
H - Hiking, Horse Riding, Hot Tub
I - Ice Skating, Ice Cream Parlour, Ikea
J - Jigsaws, Jewellery Making, Jet Skis
K - Karaoke, Kayaking, Kites
L - Live Music, Lasertag, Local Adventure
M - Museum, Massage, Murder Mystery
N - Netflix Night, Nerf Wars, Night Club
O - Outdoor walk, Ocean Swim, Opera
P - Picnic, Playstation Games, Paintball
Q - Quiz, 'Quick bite to eat', Quilting
R - Rock Climbing, Roller Skating, Roller Coasters
S - Stargazing, Staycation, Scrapbooking
T - Trampoline Park, Theatre, Theme Park
U - Underground Caves, Ultimate Frisbee, Underground Adventure (Tube)
V - Vineyard, Volunteering, Virtual Reality
W - Whale Watching, Walking Tour, Waterpark
X - Xbox date, X-rated games, Xploring
Y - Yoga (check an introduction to Yoga here), Yes Day, Youtube
Z - Zoo, Zipline, Zorbing

There you have it, a whopping 78 A-Z Dates you can complete with your significant other. If you're stuck on what to do or how to decide we've always found the best way is to have a dedicated date night jar which can be picked up very cheaply.

Write all of your date night ideas down and pop them all in the jar, that way you can pick a date idea out at random and it can still be a surprise, the date jar also means that whenever you have inspiration for new dates you can add something new to the pot to always keep the spark alive in your relationship

Date night ideas are easy enough to think of but it can be easy getting stuck in a rut doing the same thing, so keeping ideas new and fresh will stop you getting in a dating funk. If you need more new ideas just sit and have a brainstorm of themed ideas or bucket list goals you want to achieve that you could do together

What's the best date you've ever been on?

A-Z Dates

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