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Monday 5 April 2021

3 Simple ways to increase your online dating matches

How to increase your dating matches in 3 easy steps

The summer of 2021 will be completely the summer of love! After a whole year with some form of covid19 restrictions the freedom we will hopefully be offered after June 22nd is bound to have knock on effects as people get out and socialise more and make up for lost time. With virtual dating moving back to the real world and other online dating trends now is the perfect time to give your dating profile a spruce up and increase your dating matches on your Glasgow Dating Site* ready for the summer of love

Online Dating Matches

There's definitely a specific art to online dating, it's almost got it's own algorithm like all other social media channels. If you're not sure of my story I met my soon to be husband on an online dating app around 3 years ago and never looked back, so I feel confident in the fact that sites like Glasgow Dating* can work effectively

[1] Refresh Your Pictures

Lockdown has been an interesting one, and it's been a long old year which means your profile might need changing up. Maybe you've changed your look, or your hair? Maybe you've spent your time getting lean or have put on a little weight? Whatever the changes it's important your online dating profile is up to date and accurate. Head out in the Spring Sun, get dressed up and take a few new pictures to better represent exactly how you look right now. New pictures always give a dating profile an immediate boost and dating sites are more likely to push a profile with new pictures and updates to it's subscribers

[2] Profile Refresh

Just like your pictures, your dating profile and bio will probably need a change-up too. What was funny and topical last March, probably isn't as funny now (Tiger king quotes anyone?). Have a proper refresh through all of your profile and change anything that needs it. Make sure your profile reads friendly and inviting, make sure you leave lots of breadcrumbs for topics that people can initiate a conversation on. It's crucial your profile is engaging, it's a busy world in online dating so you need to stand out from the crowd for all the good reasons.

[3] Don't be picky

This was genuinely one of the most important tips I took from online dating. I fully appreciate that people don't have the time to trawl through every profile and interact with every person so it might have led to some level of pickiness. Drop it immediately, your expectations and 'perfect guy' may not be what you assume you want or need. 

Obviously there's some fundamental elements that it's understandable to be pickier about such as lifestyle habits (smoking etc.) or children from previous relationships. These are traits its crucial you get right. But the superficial traits of a certain hair colour or eye colour, or particular interest need to be dropped. Be more free with your matches and you might end up matching with someone you never expected but could turn out perfectly for you

Online Dating Matches

How's your online dating going?

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