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Wednesday 14 April 2021

7 Cheap Date Night Ideas

7 Cheap Date Night Ideas 

We're heading into the summer and the weathers getting warmer, England is slowly opening up thankfully which means we can get back to some kind of normality. For me normality means having a better balance between time at home and time outside doing fun things. After a whole year of minimal opportunity to go out and have fun it's understandable that everyone wants to do all the things immediately. 

It's going to be fun to have date nights outside again, but just because everything is open again it doesn't mean the date nights need to be expensive. I've put together a list of the best cheap date night ideas to help you save money while having tons of fun this year so whether you're new to dating and trying to Meet Cumbria Singles* or further along in your relationship journey

Cheap Date Night Ideas

20 Cheap Date Night Ideas

[1] Sunset Picnic - Now the nights are lighter why not plan a nice picnic somewhere you can sit and watch the sunset together. Find a free location such as a park or local field and pack your own picnic to keep costs down

[2] Games Night - Utilise what you've already got at home and host a games night, pick your favourite games whether tabletop or video games and get your competitive streak ready

[3] Cook a Homemade Meal for 2 - Set yourself a budget and go shopping for ingredients, this is a really easy one to mix up. You can swap who cooks for each date, or maybe have the other person buy the ingredients in a true 'ready steady cook' style

[4] Visit an Art Gallery - There are hundreds of free Art galleries up and down the UK that can make for a fun date night idea, you can even take virtual tours if you've already exhausted those local to you

[5] Couples Massage - This one is super cheap with just the cost of some baby oil, use youtube videos to learn the best ways to massage and then take turns giving each other a sensual massage, perfect way to relax

[6] Have a Karaoke Night - Do you fancy yourself as the next Britney and Justin? (if you're not 90s babies then I apologise for my hugely outdated retro reference) there are literally thousands of karaoke videos on Youtube with all the lyrics to your favourite songs. Crank up the volume and sing your heart out, practice a few fun duets together and just have a good old laugh

[7] Take a mini road trip - The flip a coin road trip is a fun challenge that I had on my Day Zero list and is super simple. Basically all you need is a coin and petrol. Decide on a number, the bigger the number the longer your road trip. Heads is right and tails is left, everytime you come to a junction flip the coin. When you've completed your allocated number make a mini date wherever you end up

No matter what dates you decide to create make sure you're finding the right partner to do them with by using match me happy*

What's your best cheap date night ideas?

Cheap Date Night Ideas

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