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Friday 5 March 2021

Game Date Night Ideas For The Ultimate Couples Date Night

How to have the perfect game date night

It's been a whole year of living through a pandemic and hopefully in England we can see the end in sight with vaccines and a roadmap out of it. However there's still time until we can be back to normality so if you're still planning date nights at home then I've got the perfect game date night ideas for you whether you're a traditional board game fanatic or looking for dates for gamers take a look at my tips below for the perfect ideas

Game Date Night

Video Game Date Night 

The modern age has seen all types of gaming absolutely flourish, and during the pandemic gaming nights have grown substantially due to it's ease and also being able to have a date over long distance. Here's my top tip for gamers dates*
  • Gather all of your equipment and make sure it's ready for a full day of gaming. This includes all possible consoles you've got to hand, any headsets, controllers and screens you could use making sure everything is charged and available to provide variety

  • Have a think and plan what kind of a game date night you want. Are you both keen on a particular game? Do you want to play lots of new content or maybe have a retro game date night and dig out old school consoles and games. Make sure you've got a good variety of 2 player games so you can compete but also one player for the handhold consoles so you can play simultaneously

  • Bring the quilt downstairs and have lots of cushions and comfy places to sit while you game, and make sure you've got plenty of easy to eat snacks and food so you don't have to disturb your gaming too much (maybe order from your favourite takeaway?)

  • If you're looking for something different to do in the evening why not watch a movie inspired by your favorite  video game 

Board Game Date Night

If you're more of a traditionalist or you're trying to reduce your screen time after a day of staring at a computer then why not go retro and have a board game night. Channel your inner child with some of your classics or give a new game a try, here's my top tips for making sure it's successful 
  • Gather all your board games together and work out which ones can be played with only 2 players, if you're wanting to play over long distance there's lots of board games that can be played online via steam for a small price. Make sure your games are complete with all the correct pieces and that you've got a good understanding of the rules

  • If you're looking to make the evening more of an event you can use this super handy board game menu to help curate the best games to play depending on your tastes and find a new favourite

  • Set up forfeits, prizes and dares - these can be anything you want, it is date night after all so maybe something less PG to spice things up after the games

  • In terms of the evening take a look at the games you're wanting to play and try and create a themed menu or drinks. For example one of our favourite games is Ticket to Ride Europe so we might theme the food, music, decor around a city. It doesn't need to be expensive just something extra to make it a special date night

Most importantly when planning a game date night is to play fair, enjoy the games and don't be a sore loser!

What's your favourite game to play?

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