3 Date Ideas for couples in lockdown

Lockdown Dating Ideas

Wherever you are in the world you're probably facing some kind of lockdown or at least a change to your normal everyday life due to covid19. If you're in the UK then we're starting our plan to leave lockdown but at this point, you're still unable to mix with people outside of your household. Covid19 has been a testing time for every aspect of our lives, none more so than our love and dating lives because everything you would have done before is now out of the window so we're having to learn how to date differently or virtually

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I've put together 3 twisted date night ideas to keep your love alive as lockdown is continuing. These are typical date nights but with a lockdown twist, so whether you're living with your significant other, currently practising a socially distant relationship or seeking a new partner in your location using websites such as Aberdeen dating sites you have fun ways to date.

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A Meal Out - Come Dine with me

If you've never seen come dine with me, it's a show where 4 people get together and dine at each other's house taking it in turns to host. Obviously it's natural format wouldn't work but a little bit of tweaking this is a great date night.

If you're living together then one of you creates a 3 course menu for the other and cooks a delicious meal before your partner does the same the next date night - this is a nice twist on going out for a meal together and gives you a chance to try out all of your new lockdown recipes 

If you're living apart it would be a little different, you'd select a menu and send it through to your partner, you'll both cook the meal and then you can enjoy a meal together over zoom, this means you'll both be cooking but you get to take it in turns over who decides what recipes

Cinema Night

This one is really easy to create at home, especially as streaming channels are constantly pushing out new films. Make sure you have the same rules as a cinema such as no phones to make the experience more authentic.

Whether you're living together or apart make sure you switch who gets to pick the film, there are even apps to make sure you can pause together so you're always at the same point in the film. Make your favourite cinema snacks such as popcorn, nachos and hotdogs, turn all the lights down and spend time just watching a film escaping reality for a little while

If you are living apart then zoom during the film but have the screen pointing away - after all, you wouldn't chat in the cinema, would you?

Game Night

We used to go and visit a local board game cafe quite often to try new games but why not give it a go at home? Dig out all your old favourites like Monopoly or Cluedo, there are even digital versions if you're isolating separately

If you prefer video games then get your headsets on and play together online or if you're in the same house why not pick a nostalgic game (we've been playing Spyro and take it in turns when we die) all date nights just need a little bit of innovation right now

Date Night Ideas in Lockdown

What's your best lockdown date night idea?