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Monday 11 May 2020

5 Ways to Support Charities in Lockdown

How to support charities during lockdown

We're now two months into lockdown in the UK, and while the outlook is brightening slightly there's still a hell of a long way to go before we get back to normality. There are some businesses and charities out there who just can't wait that long. Charities rely vitally on fundraising and other people's kindness and generosity, with the main avenues of raising money decimated it's time to get creative to ensure that the charities are there to support people beyond this
Kindness is Contagious

I'm not going to tell you who to donate to. I think charity donation is a very personal matter and one where people can choose a cause dear to their heart, we're obviously going through a pandemic right now so there are obvious charities that require covid19 support, but other charities are still here and still helping, and probably need our help more than ever. There are over 160 thousand registered charities in the UK you can find the list of charities here which helps you pick a worthy cause, a local cause and one that really needs your help. There are many ways you can help here are just 5 to get you started

Shopping smart - choose retailers where profits are donated

Many retail outlets are trying to do their bit during the pandemic whether they're multinational or a smaller entity, try to shop with those donating profits. For example shopping a specific Stay Safe range, whereby all profits are donated to the National Emergencies Trust. You can show your love for the NHS and other vital services and also know you're helping a smaller business get through this crisis

Donate your commute money

Monies tight right now and everyone's probably being a little bit more cautious with their spending but every little bit will help. The majority of the country is working from home, would you miss the commute money that you would have spent anyway? What about that coffee you're not buying in a morning? You're probably saving £10 - £15 on normal daily work costs in a standard week, if you can survive without that money then consider donating it

Amazon smile / wishlists

Let's face it, we've all probably seen the amazon man more than our family in the last two months! Did you know that you can donate via amazon by shopping as normal? Amazon smile donates 0.5% of the net purchase price to your chosen charity and all you have to do is your usual orders via an Amazon Smile link . Alternatively have a look at your local charity and see if they have an Amazon Wishlist set up, my local RSPCA Sheffield use this as a way of donating items the animals need, more and more charities are starting to do this especially places such as food banks, women's refuge centres, etc. so check out your local charity and see if you can help

Virtual Fundraising 

Fundraising is the biggest way charities receive money and most fundraising has completely halted, but it doesn't need to. Get creative and get virtually fundraising. Hosting quizzes / pub sessions on zoom? Charge for entry via paypal etc. and donate the entry fee. Play games, run raffles all the stuff you'd normally do at a fundraiser do over zoom. Have fun being the hostess and put on a good night of fun quizzes, great music and connecting with family and friends.

Volunteering your time 

If you're finding yourself at a bit of a loss, if you're on furlough and want to do something with your time then consider volunteering. While the government's official NHS volunteering is on pause there are hundreds of other options crying out for an extra hand right now so check out local volunteering options and make a difference

Now is a very unique time, some of us are barely getting by and that's ok. Some want to do more and I commend you for doing that, lockdown and the covid19 pandemic is a unique experience. Do what feels right for you, check out my guide to coping in lockdown and look after yourself and know that an end is in sight

Support Charities in Lockdown

What charity are you supporting in lockdown?

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  1. These are some lovely ways to support charities who are struggling at the moment - I've been using Amazon Smile to donate to OCD-UK but I didn't even consider the idea of donating my commute/coffee money. Definitely some food for thought :) Thanks for sharing!
    Amy |

  2. This is so important! I actually did a post specifically focusing on animal rescues and shelters and talked about some of the 'outside the box' ways to help. For example, there are apps that you can install on your phone where they will donate to the rescue you choose from their available list for every mile you walk. With getting out and walking the dog being one of the only ways we're getting out of the house (outside of grocery shopping and those who are still working), it's a great way to make a small difference while simply continuing your daily activities.

    1. That sounds brilliant I'll have to have a look at those apps

  3. Some great suggestions here. I've been trying to think of ways to support some charities etc that I'm passionate about lately. It's so overwhelming because there's so many places that need our help right now but obviously we can't do everything! I started a monthly donation to Battersea Cats and Dogs home a few months ago :) xxx


    1. Aww that's so lovely! I'm sure the little furbabies will very much appreciate it

  4. I love the Amazon wishlist's! I thought it was an excellent idea.
    These are all wonderful suggestions. Thank you for sharing.

    - Nyxie


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