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Friday 1 May 2020

How to choose a designer radiator to match your interiors

The best designer radiators for your home

We're heading into warmer months but that doesn't mean you should neglect the radiators in your home, in fact now is the perfect time to change them from the ugly eyesores to beautiful new designer radiators to match your interiors. You'll use your radiator much less in warmer months so make it perfect ready for the cooler months
Cast Iron Designer Radiators

Why buy a designer radiator?

You've probably spent months getting your home interiors just perfect right? Deciding on the wallpaper and carpets, which little trinkets should go where. Now is the time to really focus on your radiators. Traditionally they're just white, boring and a bit of an eyesore but there are now beautiful designer radiators to match every room, in every style you can possibly imagine, making your radiator both functional and a real statement piece

What style of designer radiator is right for you?

Once you get looking into designer radiators you will be absolutely amazed at just how many options there are covering all different sizes, colours and designs. From authentic cast iron radiators to create a real statement, to space-saving vertical radiators. You can even have really sleek looking horizontal radiators which will give a really modern feel. Colour options are endless and with some designer radiators they don't look like a radiator at all!  

Where to install a designer radiator?

Just like any other gas / electric output it's really important you place the radiator somewhere where it's most effective. If you're planning on replacing an older radiator then it may be a case of putting it in the same place. If you're wanting an entirely different system it's worth hiring a professional to help you maximise the efficiency and do all the pipework. Radiators used to be placed under windows or on an external wall, but most new build homes are much more efficient giving you more flexibility with radiator placement. 

Another aspect to consider when installing your new radiator placement is the design of your room including aspects you might previously have overlooked such as electricity fixtures and skirting boards to make you sure have the best overall effect in your room. You could even look into upgrading your skirting boards to newer designs too.

One of the main things you need to think about is giving your radiator room to breathe, you've made it a much more appealing radiator so don't hide it behind furniture anymore. Try and make sure your curtains don't overhang either to make sure the warmth and hot air can circulate your room.

Smaller tips and tricks for improving your radiators

If moneys a little bit tight and you don't want to buy a new radiator your old ones can still be improved. There are amazingly beautiful radiator covers, or maybe install a floating shelf above it to make it more multifunctional. One of the easiest ways to get your old radiator to blend in is paint it. Obviously make sure it's turned off and you've got specialist radiator paint but they come in so many colours now you can really get creative with it

Designer radiator transformation

How would you change your current radiators?

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  1. This was really interesting to read - I didn't even k now that designer radiators were a thing. Radiators aren't common at all here. Some of the older houses still have them, but most houses around here either have a central furnace or baseboard heating.

    1. It's strange how different countries are, I don't think there's a house in the UK without radiators!

  2. Never realised how many different elements go into choosing a radiator! I'm going to be coming back to this blog when I move into my own place!

    1. Oh god the amount of things you obsess over once you're in your home, I would've NEVER thought I'd properly study into radiator types

  3. I love looking at radiator heaters on IG and in magazines. Unfortunately, they're not that popular in Australia. But if they were, I would love to get either the vertical ones or the flat panel ones. Great post, thank you!


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