How to create a cosy space during lockdown

How to Create a Cosy Space During Lockdown

The stress of being under practical house arrest for weeks on end can fray the nerves of the most easy-going people! If you’re trying to make your house more cosy and comfortable for the family, here are a few ideas that might help. Creat-ing a cosy space includes organising the household to reduce stress and anxiety as well as ways to keep it tidy and clean.

Lockdown routine

Clear Out Your Clutter

Clutter can become a major annoyance rather than a slight inconvenience when you’re amongst it 24/7. Now is a perfect time to rethink storage and priorities for how things are arranged at home. Pack stuff you’re not using into bags or boxes and stow them somewhere out of the way for now, even on top of the wardrobe if there’s nowhere else for the time being. 

Include larger items, but also little things like ornaments that sit on surfaces you could otherwise use for work or crafting spaces. Even a low, wide windowsill could become a cosy seat with a cushion and a view of the outside world instead of just being used to display items. 

Consider a self storage unit in future for those packed up items if you want to keep them but not have them taking up space at home.
Items to think about include:

  • Kitchen equipment you don’t currently use so there’s more room for family cooking. 
  • Large toys that take up space in children’s bedrooms, making room for a more spacious play area. 
  • Books you love but don’t read, so there’s space on bookshelves or in side-boards for crafts and games for grownups as well as kids.

When your home is filled with useful, interesting items that you use and enjoy, the space automatically becomes more cosy and welcoming. 

Let Habits and Routines Change

Does it matter if you sleep longer, if the kids stay up later, if everyone watches a bit more TV than normal? Not a bit. A cosy space is the one you’re comfortable in, so roll with changes in routine and let a new way of being evolve. It doesn’t mean you encourage bad habits that’ll be hard to break in future.

Don’t be scared of bringing pillows off the bed downstairs if everyone likes to cosy up and watch a movie in the afternoon. They make good floor cushions if you don’t have any purpose-made ones.

When the weather’s good, get out in the garden if you have one and if you don’t, open windows to let the fresh air blow through. 

Take up growing things. Even if all you have is a windowsill, you can still grow herbs and houseplants or place a vase of flowers. Many supermarkets sell houseplants or bedding plants, and there’s nothing to stop you picking up some-thing living along with your necessary shopping. A bit of greenery cheers up a room, making it feel fresher, more homely and cosy.

As you make small changes around the home to both furnishing arrangements and lifestyle, it’s worth figuring out ways to carry it forward when life gets back to normal. If you need to move some items out of the house so you have more living space, I know there’s lots of self storage in Sheffield where I am, and bound to be plenty in your area too. 

Remember Your ‘Me’ Time

Time alone is important but hard to achieve when you’re cooped up with all the family. Try to get partners on board for a proper sharing of the domestic load so it’s not all down to one person to keep the house sanitised and the kids home-schooled and entertained.  

Even just a few minutes where you can mentally let go, knowing you’re not on call, helps you reset frustrations and anxieties. Of course it’s tougher if you’re a single parent, but when the kids are finally asleep take the time to do something just for you. If you can, get away from screens including the TV and do something creative. 

A quick roundup of ideas:

  • Pay attention to feelings when trying to create a cosy space.
  • Include soft furnishings like cushions and pillows for comfy lazing.
  • Get some fresh air into your lungs and home.
  • Relax about changing habits and finding new routines.
  • Don’t shy away from moving furnishings or packing away things you don’t use.
  • Stay on top of chores so the house is as uncluttered as possible.
  • Keep playthings and games accessible, but remove those that aren’t getting used.
  • Research self storage rooms in your area that can help with overflow pos-sessions. 

We’ve all had a big change forced on us, but it’s the perfect opportunity to find new, better ways of living the best life we can while creating a cosy, comfortable home for all the family.

Lockdown Life

How are you coping during lockdown?


  1. I love how you said to roll with changes in routine and to make sure you have alone time. Both are so important. It's okay if your life is a little more relaxed now.

    1. Completely I think we can probably be on top of each other right now so it's even more important to get 'Me' time

  2. I agree, this is such a great time to organise and clear out clutter! I need to get round to sorting out my bookshelf!

  3. Great post! I really liked reading it. These past weeks my hubby has been making sure that each week I got new flowers to enjoy. And in the first weeks of lockdown I had some time to do some decluttering. We moved last year and there were still things messy or things we brought with us but weren't sure to keep. It was quite relaxing to do this.

    1. Aww what a lovely thing your husband is doing!

  4. Love this! I'm big on decluttering anyway but right now, when I'm at home all the time, I'm really making a point to deal with my clutter x


    1. I'm doing jobs I've been putting off forever!

  5. I love being cosy at the best of times, now it feels even
    More important.

    Great suggestions here. I love a good declutter as well.

    Claire x

    1. Definitely I find it helps me wind down for an evening

  6. I absolutely love this. I've done loads of clearing out and sorting, including completely reorganizing my bookshelf, decorating my room a bit and changing my bed around to create a cosier room, as I'm now spending more time in it. I really like how you've done the summary list at the end of the post, super snappy and easy to remember!!! Xxx

    1. My bedroom is one of the things I still need to tackle!

  7. I agree that it's important to be comfortable during lockdown, and it's the perfect time to declutter!

  8. I'm all about the soft furnishings - nice cushions and throws can make such a difference! And it helps if there's no clutter too, of course, but I'm not so good at that part ��

    1. Definitely soft furnishings can completely change how a room looks and feels

  9. Getting fresh air has been a HUGE part of my sanity. We're lucky to have a really nice back yard, so we've been getting out there to enjoy it anytime the weather allows.

    1. That sounds like a lovely way to spend lockdown

  10. This was a great read! I have used lockdown to de-clutter and reorganise but also take a little more time out to relax. It's also allowed me to start up my blog and begin writing my book! Glad we could connect on here, looking forward to seeing more from you.


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