How to survive lockdown in 5 easy steps

How to Survive Lockdown

The vast majority of the world is still on lockdown thanks to Covid19, if we're honest it's probably going to be a while before we can return to any level of normality at all so it's about adjusting to what we can do and what we can control to keep ourselves sane. I've struggled many times in the past with depression and anxiety and for the most part keep it under control, but these are testing times with desperate measures so I've put together five easy steps to survive lockdown - because honestly? Surviving is the biggest achievement possible right now (but more on that later)

Breathe Lockdown

[1] Lockdown is an individual process

Back to that point about survival, lockdown is 100% an individual process, no two peoples experiences will be the same. Some of you will be out running 5ks and others will be sleeping all day because they can't face the world today and honestly? Both are ok. Don't get into the hype and pressure of others and just do you, be kind to your head and your body. Cry if you need to, dance when you feel like it, bake that banana bread if you really want to but most of all just take it one day at a time

[2] Try and give yourself some outside time

The UK government is giving you one hour a day outside for a form of exercise as long as you are very careful and practicing your social distancing. Personally, I've been trying not to but I know I'm very fortunate that I have a garden so I can sit outside to get some fresh air if needed. If you don't have a garden make sure you open your curtains and blinds every day to let the sunlight in and crack a few windows to get fresh air. It's important we still feel the outside and fresh air, it releases a whole heap of happy hormones to help you get through each day. One thing that I'd absolutely love is a lantern roofs, because then I'd be able to get all the sunlight and good vibes from inside because it's still pretty chilly out there right now 

[3] Structure or theme your days

Shout out to everyone with a 2020 diary! Because that thing's losing more use day by day. I've started changing mine so rather than listing plans for the weeks and months to come I'm writing myself a daily structure. Right now I'm still working from home so my days are quite managed but I know many people are now unemployed or facing furlough and feeling at a loss. I suggest a little structure to speed the days along, I try and give myself 3 daily tasks, these can be as simple as have a bath or write a blog post, 3 tasks to do each day, that way even on my worst days I can find it manageable. If you're feeling more alert and upbeat and on a good day then why not theme your days a little? Have an entire Disney day, a cleaning day, a baking day. Make each day different and you'll zoom through the days in no time 

[4] Catch up with friends and family

Speaking of Zoom - definitely make sure you have time talking to family and friends as often as possible. Plan zoom calls for everyone you can play games together, have dates with significant others, have a drink together or just have a moan and a rant. Talking is such a powerful tool and during this time there will be many alone right now and a quick check-in call will be the absolute highlight of their day 

[5] Breathe. 

It's as simple as that really, breathe in and breathe out. We're living through a once in a lifetime pandemic that genuinely we couldn't have planned for. You're not stuck at home, you're safe at home and we need to be thankful every single day for the people putting their lives on the line to make sure that there's light at the end of all of this. Try and keep calm and just remember that every day is one day closer to this ending 

Survive Lockdown in 5 Steps

How are you surviving lockdown?