How to date when love is on lockdown

Dating during a Lockdown Pandemic

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We're literally right in the middle of a once in a lifetime lockdown pandemic, Covid19 is scary as hell and it's difficult to keep normality when we're all staying home and not leaving (please stay home everyone we need to protect our NHS). It's led to new working from home practices, lots more communication and even changes in the dating game. I've put together a few hints and tips for keeping that love alive during a lockdown, or even seeking out that special someone while not physically meeting them at all.

Love Lockdown

Finding a new partner during lockdown

Dating has changed drastically over the last decade with most new couples having some element of online dating - I even met my fiancee to be on a dating app so I have total faith that they can work. Many apps use geo-location settings and have relaxed these so you can change your location to give you a little more freedom in your searching. If you'd prefer a more specific location focused dating platform then try looking for particular sites in your area such as Hampshire Dating* or if you're older looking for love and want to meet someone of the same age range then there are options for over 60s dating in Hampshire 

A lockdown while frustrating for everyone gives you a great opportunity to really get to know new matches, you can have long meaningful conversations and get past any awkward stages or small talk phases before even meeting the person

Keeping a new relationship alive

If you're new to a relationship and aren't at a fully committed stage, or don't live together yet then the lockdown is bound to put a strain on the relationship but there's no need to. You just need to learn to be a little more inventive, you can't physically see each other right now but there are lots of ways to stay connected

Phone calls, video calls etc. will keep your communication high but make sure you also set aside times for actual dates. Cook a special meal in your separate locations and then video chat during the meal. You can send recipes to each other to cook and then enjoy a nice glass of wine over video and it's almost as good as a restaurant date

Or maybe watch a film together? Netflix party allows you to synchronize your screens so you're at the same point together, it pauses together and there's even a chat screen to chat away together during the film

Lockdown Living Together

This is the situation that I'm finding myself in, we're locked down together with only each other for company. With divorce rates rising in China after lockdown you can see that this can truly test your relationship!

It's important you spend a little time away maybe let your partner play on his video game while you have a long bath, taking time for yourself can really help when you come back together.

And date! Properly, take it in turns to plan dates, get dressed up as though you'd be going out for a date and do all the things you'd normally do on a date night. 

Most importantly be patient with one another, forgive quickly if one of you is a little snappy and laugh often. If you can get through this together you can get through anything

Dating during a lockdown

How is your relationship coping during lockdown?
Do you have any ideas for keeping love alive?