Must-read blog posts this month - Blog Highlights March 2020

The Must-read blog posts this month

We're almost at the end of the longest month known to man. I know it's been a really hard and long one for everyone just keep on in there people we're doing the right thing staying home, staying safe and protecting our NHS. January and February reads are still live but lets dive into what I've been reading in March and the Must read blog posts this month

Must-read blog posts this month

You should really read...

  • Creme egg rice krispie cakes - Easter is coming up and there's no better easter treats than Creme eggs and that's a fact. Make them extra special by creating a yummy rice krispie cake with them. Lockdown snacks for the win
  • 17 small changes to improve your mental health - Talking of lockdown how are we all doing? For me every day is a struggle but I'm taking it one day at a time. I really liked this post for little tips on changes I can make to help my head a little bit
  • My first smear test results - Amen to this! I know a lot of non essential hospital trips have been cancelled but reading someones experience of getting a smear is brilliant. I remember my first, it's so important you do it, it takes less than five minutes and can quite literally save your life
  • A magical stay at Hagrids Hut - A little bit of escapism and dreaming of the good days of getting outside the house. This is 100% going on my bucket list because it just looks and sounds incredible

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