Top Tips for Shopping Abroad

How to shop till you drop while on holiday abroad

I've just planned my next holiday which will be my Honeymoon and see a return to WDW so I'm in the prime planning zone using my Walt Disney World Planning timeline including the long haul flight tips and all the holiday essentials I need to take - but what about the things I need to bring back? I adore shopping abroad and getting things I can't get in the UK

Shopping Abroad Shopping Bags

Shopping abroad can save you so much money compared to UK prices, especially when visiting somewhere like America or a high fashion European city like France or Italy as often items are cheaper in the place they originate rather than imported to the UK. I've been making plans of all of the best places I need to visit such as Hot Topic and Bath and Body Works, plus all the Outlets in Orlando. I've compiled all of my best tips for shopping abroad

Use a Card with zero charges

You're making purchases while shopping abroad and if it isn't planned ahead you could find conversions to add quite a fee on top of your purchases, negating any savings you did make. I'd recommend getting a Monzo card, they don't charge for foreign transactions and they also list what you've spent in your native currency and the currency you purchased in so it's really easy to keep track

Know your sizes

If you're going to be shopping abroad for clothing or shoes make sure you know your size in the respective country your purchasing from. Size guides and charts are wildly different in each country so make sure you have a good idea or try everything on before buying

Plan your packing

If you know you're going to be making quite a few purchases while shopping abroad, make sure you have room in your suitcase. Either travel light or purchase additional baggage before your flight. This lets you take an empty suitcase and then fill it before the flight home, it's always cheaper to do before you go and not be hit by insane charges at the airport for excess baggage

Explore off the beaten track

Tourist traps are everywhere, the prices are hiked up because lets face it you're a tourist how are you going to know if that's the usual price? Take a little wander around before you buy anything and try and do some research on the best places to shop from and where the locals go. If possible enlist the help of a local to make sure you're getting the very best for your money

Don't abandon your usual Money Mantras

Martin Lewis has a fab Money Mantra post, it really helps you put into perspective all of your shopping whether abroad or at home by asking yourself do you need it? can you afford it? and can you get it anywhere else cheaper?
Just because you're shopping abroad doesn't mean you should abandon these, make sure you're shopping consciously and staying within a set budget 

Shopping on your travels

What do you look for while shopping abroad?