Where to shop for Plus Size Bras

Best Bra Brands for Bigger Busts

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Bras. The bane of most womens life. I completely respect those women who choose not to wear them but if you have a larger bust it's very probable you don't leave the house without your comfiest over the shoulder boulder holder and by god getting a comfy one is so important. Finding a comfy bra and one that doesn't niggle at you if you have a fuller bust can be trickier as your size may not be stocked on the high street so I've put together my favourite list of retailers stocking bras and underwear for those fuller-figured plus size ladies among us because believe me a well-fitted bra can work absolute wonders

Red Bra White Sheet

Tutti Rouge*

I thought I'd start with my absolute favourites. Tutti Rouge are literally known as the fuller bust company so it makes sense that they're absolute experts on all things big boobed. With back sizes ranging from 28 - 44 and cup sizes covering D - J so hopefully you can get something in your size. They cover everything from super comfortable every day underwear to sexy lingerie and modies for something a little more special


Brastops mission is to make you feel fabulous about your curves. Our boobs are gorgeous we should feel ultra fabulous in the clothing that contains them they have D-K cup lingerie and my favourite thing about Brastop is that they also apply their expert touch to swimwear which means you can get a perfectly fitting bikini to give you beach body confidence too


I adore Molke, the story is amazing and you get to shop independently while also treating yourself to beautiful body positive underwear. Priding themselves on being different to what you can get on the high street Molke bras are all without wiring or clasps and you literally pop them over your head. This means they're a really great idea for those with limited mobility that may struggle to fasten a traditional bra. Plus the designs are so colourful and pretty

Playful Promises

Promising to be quirky, flirty and even a little bit dirty you definitely won't be disappointed. Sizes cover 28DD to 44F and sizes UK6 - UK22 for corsets, bodysuits and more. I adore Playful Promises for embracing sexuality and realising that even the curvier ladies enjoy sex and bringing a little playfulness into the bedroom so affordable sexy underwear that won't cut into you is a big thumbs up from me

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate is one of those brands I've known about for a while but they really got my attention last year with their I am Curvy Kate campaign. They partnered with some of the most gorgeous plus size ladies to show how a certain range of their bras looks in each size available. Representation is so important and it's genuinely amazing to see each incredible model and feel seen as a girl with bigger boobs and more than a little bit of a love handle

Where to buy plus size bras

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