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Friday 6 March 2020

5 Sheffield Takeaways Near Me #2

Sheffield Takeaways near me  

Way back in March 2019 I wrote a whole 101 in 1001 goals list, one of the things on my list was to try all the Sheffield takeaways on Just Eat that deliver to me. Having recently moved into my own home I was keen to get to know my local area and develop new favourites. So we're back with the second edition of my mini Sheffield takeaways reviews and hopefully if you're local you can find a new Sheffield takeaway you might want to try too 

Kebabish Express

Kebabish Express Sheffield Takeaways

Location: S2 4LR
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 11am - 3:30am
Ordered: Pizza Offer 3 + Garlic Bread with cheese
Price Point: £10.80 + £1 delivery + 50p service charge
Comment: Really cost effective with meal deals and the food was excellent too with a thick crust. 


KFC Sheffield Takeaways

Location: S2 1GN
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 11:50am - 10:30pm
Ordered: 8 Piece Dipping Boneless Feast
Price Point: £19.99 + £2.09 delivery + 50p service change
Comment: Really steep price wise compared to instore but you know exactly what you're getting and it arrived within 20 minutes. I actually really like the new KFC chips too (controversial).
If you're looking to make your own KFC fakeaway then check out my KFC Style Chicken Strips Recipe

Pancho Pizza Kebab & SFC House

Pancho pizza kebab & sfc house Sheffield Takeaways

Location: S12 4WD
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 2pm - 11:30pm
Ordered: Meal deal 1 (2x 10" pizzas, 2 fries, dips and a bottle of drink)
Price Point: £17 + £2 delivery + 50p service change
Comment: The pizza is square I repeat the pizza is square! I was completely amazed by this, it also means you get more pizza for your money than with a circular pizza so a big thumbs up from me, probably my favourite of this new 5

Papa Johns*

Papa Johns Sheffield Takeaways

Location: S2 1FF
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 10:30am - 11pm
Ordered: Papas Meal Deal (1 large pizza, 2 sides
Price Point: £19.99 + 50p service change
Comment: For sheer quantity of food I love Papa Johns. I'll never forgive them for stopping garlic knots though, they used to be my favourite ever takeaway snack. 

Nafis Fast Food

Nafis Fast Food Sheffield Takeaways

Location: S9 5HQ
Hygiene Rating: 3/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 2pm - 11:30pm
Ordered: Any 2 Pizzas + Medium Fries 
Price Point: £17 + £1 delivery + 50p service change
Comment: So spicy. The sauce on the base of the pizza was really hot and spicy which I loved but I can imagine some people may find a little strong

Sheffield Takeaways Near Me

What's your go to Sheffield Takeaways I should try?
If you're looking to eat out make sure you check out Eat Sheffield for full reviews

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  1. I love Papa Johns! The stuffed crust there is amazing

  2. What a fab idea to try all the takeaways that deliver to you! It wouldn't take me long because where I live there's only a few which deliver. lol
    I was shocked when I moved here, our local takeaway does square pizza's. That one looks really tasty x

    1. I love square pizzas so much more pizza for your money

  3. I find this idea just brilliant. Also, it’s making me want to order something now! xo Aleksandra

    1. Haha it made me want to order something when writing it!

  4. This post is making me super hungry! My favourite take away is an Indian or Dominos! Yum!


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