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Sunday 25 August 2019

KFC Fakeaway Chicken Strips with Colonels Herbs and Spices Recipe

KFC Chicken Fakeaway Recipe

One thing I love is food and eating out at as evidenced with my many Sheffield restaurant reviews. But I equally love cooking and creating recipes at home. I love trying to emulate food I've eaten myself and one of my favourite things is creating fakeaway recipes. Traditionally fast food recipes but created my way and tasting just as good! First up is my KFC Chicken Fakeaway Recipe
KFC Chicken Fakeaway

KFC is just delicious, isn't it? I've tried lots of different southern fried chicken but there's just something special about KFC chicken. Probably the colonel's secret spices recipe. After lots of experimenting and tweaking I think I've gotten as close as possible to that delicious KFC taste. One thing I've found really important in the herbs and spices mix is the quality of ingredients to really drive the flavour. 
KFC Secret Herbs and Spices

I've been using the Cannamela herbs and spices from Ciao Gusto* as it's packed full of flavour. I absolutely love that Ciao Gusto have combined 30 of Italy's popular brands and brought that under one brand to the UK it's the best way to get really fresh and authentic flavours across everything from spices to cured meats and even dairy items. Since changing my usual spices specifically the garlic powder to the Cannamela brand I've found the taste is more flavoursome and they've become a staple on my spice rack. Want to make my KFC chicken too? Follow the instructions below and enjoy your finger lickin chicken

KFC Chicken Fakeaway Recipe

KFC Fakeaway Recipe

 KFC Chicken Fakeaway Method

1 - Combine all of the spices together to create the KFC secret recipe spice mix (cayenne pepper optional, this gives the taste of KFC Zinger flavour)
2 - Place chicken in a ziplock bag marinating in the buttermilk with 1tbsp of the spice mix. I'd leave this for a minimum of 1 hour but ideally overnight to really lock in flavour and make the chicken moist
3 - Once the chicken has marinated preheat the oven to 200°C
4 - Using a baking tray with a large rim, melt the butter and oil for a few minutes. Tip the tray to distribute the liquid evenly
5 - Combine the spice mix with flour and breadcrumbs
6 - Take each piece of chicken individually and coat in the spice mixture making sure you press hard to make sure the coating sticks everywhere
7 - Spray the top of the chicken with oil and cook for 12 minutes
8 - Turn the chicken, spray the top with oil and cook for a further 10 minutes until golden
9 - Serve with a selection of dipping sauces, in a wrap, in a burger or however you enjoy you KFC and tuck in

Additional notes

If you have any spice mix left take any lumpy bits out and keep in an airtight container for the next time you have KFC cravings. If you have any chicken left then why not try this chicken curry 
The spice mix and recipe would work for any kind of chicken pieces I personally prefer the boneless chicken strips but why not try chicken thighs or crispy chicken wings?

KFC Fakeaway Recipe

What's your usual KFC order?

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  1. Stealing this recipe to give it a try next weekend! So glad I don't need an air fryer for this ;)

    - Laura ||

    1. So many of them need air fryers but I've found the coating never sticks in an airfryer!
      Sometimes double coat it if I'm desperate

  2. I think I might have to give this a try! We don't have a KFC anywhere near us but we do love it. I think this could be the next best thing x

    1. It was really nice!
      It tasted like a less claggy version of KFC if that makes sense

  3. Yum! I'm not a major fan of KFC, but I do enjoy some popcorn chicken from time to time. Love the whole fakeaway idea.

    1. I find that doing the fakeaways can often taste better than the real thing

  4. Ooo this looks delicious! Could definitely go for some KFC right about now. Awesome recipe!

  5. Although I'm a vegetarian, but this dish sounds delicious!!
    Tasty blog haha!


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