5 items you MUST not forget for a stress-free holiday

Holiday Ahoy - how to have a stress-free time

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Holidays are brilliant, aren't they? You spend all year planning them, deciding on the best location, counting down the days until you're stepping off that plane. We all love a holiday but sometimes the minor things can really get to you while you're away so I've put together a list of 5 MUST HAVES for any holiday in the sun

Cape Verde Riu Touareg
There's nothing worse than getting bit while you're away, the pesky itchy marks that midges and mosquitoes leave can be very irritating. I've used smidge for many years now including trips to Florida, Croatia and Cape Verde. It feels like moisturiser and doesn't have the awful smell you associate with some other sprays, it's also water and sweat resistant - definitely my favourite

Bite Away*

If like me you're super forgetful and don't always remember your mosquito spray then don't worry. Bite away literally stops bites from turning into a big deal. It uses concentrated heat in a pen applicator to relieve any bite symptoms such as itching or swelling in minutes. It's really easy to use, the heat can be a slight shock at first but I've found it the most effective tool for bites if I do manage to get caught

Bite Away

Towel Pegs

This has been an absolute game changer for my holidays. I hate when my towel moves and I end up on the actual sunbed which is normally plastic and scorching because of the sun. In countries with a high breeze such as Cape Verde I saw a lot of people struggling with their towels but a few towel pegs kept mine secure all day long

Malibu Scalp Protector 

This is something I always forget and regret but something you should definitely invest in. I always somehow manage to burn my parting line on my hair this non-greasy spray works exactly like sun cream with UVA and UVB protection is both sweat and water resistant and keeps your hair looking lush all holiday - plus you avoid the flakiness after burning it

Australian Gold Aloe After Sun Gel

We all do it right? No matter how hard I try I always end up with at least one burnt patch somewhere I've forgotten suncream (that triangle in your cleavage girls? or under your arm urgh). Anyway I'm super fair skinned so it's bound to happen, after lots of after sun trials I've not found anything better than Australian gold aloe gel. It's a gel consistency packed with Aloe which is much better than thicker creamier alternatives I've tried. It's antioxidant rich formula helps nourish and calm skin

5 things to take for a stress-free holiday

What's your top item you couldn't holiday without?