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Personalisation is such a huge market, we're at a stage now where we can get pretty much anything personalised and this opens up a whole world of opportunities in terms of branding I've been working with the guys at HoodieHut who specialise in ski trip hoodies* and even school leavers hoodies (lets be honest we all have one somewhere right?) on branded items for my blog

HoodieHut Personalised Hoodie

I'm a little too old for a school leavers hoodies* now *sigh* and I much prefer warmer holidays BUT one thing I can definitely use personalisation for is my blog. Branding and advertising for a blog is HUGE like it can really make or break a blog in terms of traffic. 

A lot of people have the social media side nailed, they promo across their channels they gain traction, etc. but what about outside the digital world? It's a huge opportunity to promote yourself and your blog that a lot of people don't take

The biggest google search to my blog is "Alice in Sheffield" people get here by various terms but I've worked really hard on promoting my name and blog as my brand so getting branded merchandise seemed like the easiest decision ever. 

I worked together with the team at HoodieHut who created a personalised hoodie with my blog name and a couple of cute tote bags too. One tote has my blog header image and one has my blog name. It's a perfect way for me to represent my brand and also make people think 'oh what's that' they're going to go and find out and land here and hopefully like what they see! 

As a Sheffield girl, I think walking around my city is literally mingling with my target audience, these people will get the most from my event guides, restaurant reviews, etc. because they also live within walking distance of these places

I can't begin to tell you how amazing the quality is of the items from HoodieHut the logo is pristine and the actual Hoodie itself is so cuddly and warm I could live in it. I've decided that any blogger events I'm going to go fully kitted out with my branded gear and my business cards.

Branded Merchandise Exploded my blog traffic

How do you promote your brand?

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