Blog Highlights January 2020

The best blog posts you need to read this month

As a blogger I spend quite a bit of time on social media, reading the news and reading other blogs. Reading other blogs brings me so much happiness and joy and I thought I'd start running a little monthly feature showcasing my favourites each month. Plus highlighting to you guys which of my own posts you've been loving the most

Blog Highlights January

You Should Really Read...

  • Your 20s are absolutely full of life lessons these 12 changed my life - Hannah is amazing, genuinely I love reading her content and this one really resonated with me. Your 20s really shape a lot of your life and I just found it completely relateable
  • Our 2020 bucket list - Everyone makes resolutions and bucket lists right? I even have my own Day Zero list so I love reading other peoples ideas and thinking about what I can add to my next goal list
  • Exciting Alternative Date Ideas -  Valentines day is going to be upon is in no time at all. I love this date ideas list for lots of new things to do to keep things a little different
  • What I'm learning about married life -  OMG I'm getting married this year! Absolutely terrifying  but so exciting too I can't wait so I've been finding posts on wedding and marriage very interesting I'm on a proper countdown now and can't wait to experience married life 

You've been loving...

What's been your favourite blog post you've read this month?

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