Dumbo Movie Review

Dumbo 2019 Live Action Review

I've always been a huge Disney fan, I spent hours and hours watching all the Disney movies when I was younger and even went to Walt Disney World last year, so I always eagerly anticipate the live action remakes. Dumbo the elephant was always one of my favourite Disney classics and with the original Dumbo being from 1941. I was keen to see how the story would work in Dumbo 2019 and just how well the live-action remake could be.

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Dumbo 2019

Dumbo 2019 - The Review

If you're not familiar with Dumbo 1941, it tells the story of a touring circus with all the traditional circus acts such as magicians, acrobats and a few weird and wonderful acts too. The ringmaster happens across a pregnant elephant and baby Dumbo arrives shortly after

One thing I've not been keen on with previous live-action films (Jungle Book) is that the animals felt very CGI. I absolutely fell in love with Baby Dumbo as soon as I saw him. He's absolutely adorable, his ears are so big and floppy and they somehow made his eyes full of emotion. You could see every wrinkle and at times I forgot I wasn't watching a real elephant.

The new Dumbo 2019 is directed by Tim Burton who I'm a huge fan of, he does sometimes make his films a little bit on the darker side. I felt he was very true to the original Dumbo 1941 film in terms of the feeling, sweetness and general story overview but there were some minor tweaks to make it work in the modern era. It's awash with extravagant colours and circus displays, it demonstrates a very vivid imagination that we've come to expect from Tim Burton movies

The actual story itself is a classic, and the cast chosen really shone, from 'Rongo the Strongo' to the cute white mice. Everyone's a little different in this circus and don't quite fit in anywhere outside the circus world. It's a family, and Dumbo is at first reluctantly accepted. The big soaring emotional moments of Dumbo being separated from his mother and the first time he flies are enough to bring a little tear to your eye

There are elements I felt could have been fleshed out, more character development of certain circus performers or plots explored further. But I think we have to remember this film is aimed at children and the visual effects are absolutely stunning. For a live-action movie, I was very pleased and left with a warm fuzzy feeling, definitely a feel good film that the kiddies will love

Alice in Sheffield rating - 7/10

Dumbo 2019 Live Action Review

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