Fat Hippo Kommune Sheffield Review

Finally a Fat Hippo near me

I've been excited for Kommune opening in Sheffield since it was very first announced way back in 2018, I eagerly watched it being transformed and listened to all the announcements of the independent traders who'd be occupying the space. When Fat Hippo was announced that they'd be bringing their delicious burgers, food and fat hippo sauce to Kommune Sheffield I was completely sold! I knew it would be my first stop and I have to say it did not disappoint

Fat Hippo Burger

The Basics

Fat Hippo Sheffield Location: Castle House, Sheffield, S3 8LS
Fat Hippo Sheffield Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm Tuesday to Sunday
Do they deliver: No this one doesn't yet, but their other restaurants do so maybe in the future 
Price Point: ££
Dietary Requirements: Vegan / Vegetarian options. Will try to cater other requirements
Order: Fat Hippo Burger, Dirty Waffles (together in a meal), Diet Coke = £16
Top Tip: The Fat Hippo Sheffield menu has lunch options, try your favourites but a little smaller, a little cheaper but just as delicious

Fat Hippo Sheffield

The Review

Fat Hippo have been setting the North East alight with the kind of gluttonous burgers that leave your hands messy and a little food baby. They're incredibly indulgent but born out of making great burgers well with gourmet toppings. Strange but delicious combinations and yummy sides to complete your meal. I spent a fair while perusing the menu before I decided on their namesake the Fat Hippo Burger

The Fat Hippo Burger is a toasted demi brioche topped with 2 beef patties topped with streaky bacon, chorizo, cheese and a huge onion ring, smothered in their legendary Fat Hippo Sauce. I upgraded my fries to the dirty waffles which again contain the Fat Hippo Sauce and this time we have crispy bacon bits added to the equation. I took an order tile and went and found a seat in Kommune. It's a lovely open space where you can literally order from any of the eateries and eat together so perfect for those of us with fussier friends or those who can't decide what to eat.

Once my tile buzzed I went back and picked up my order. This could be tricky if you were on your own to secure your seat and it remain empty for picking up your order but I think they're working on these things. I was presented with the burger of my dreams, it did not disappoint at all and looked utterly mouthwatering. The first bite confirmed my suspicions that this was not just an ordinary burger, it was the give me more right now kind where you can't say words just the 'mmmms' keep coming. The patties were melt in your mouth, the cheese gooey and delicious and the streaky bacon deliciously crisp. The waffle fries were golden and tasty and I can't explain how amazing it all was. I don't think me and Connor spoke until we both finished

Not only do they offer delicious beef burgers, but they also offer chicken, vegetarian options, vegan options and ever changing specials. They even have milkshakes which are definitely on my next order. It was pure gluttony and your waist line won't thank you but my god your taste buds will. I really enjoyed the food and the vibe of Kommune was really friendly and relaxed. I think it's the perfect space for Sheffielders to embrace these delicious bangin burgers

Fat Hippo Sheffield

Have you visited Fat Hippo?


  1. I've never heard of this restaurant but boy the picture looks mighty tastey!!! I wouldn't mind having one of those!


    1. I'm so glad they expanded from the North East down to Sheffield because they taste amazing


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