5 Genius Bathroom Hacks To Transform Your Space

How to give your bathroom it's sparkle back

I'm coming to my first year anniversary in my home and I can't believe how fast it's gone, I've learnt a lot in that first year of being a homeowner mainly just how much my mum actually did for me! But also lot's of house hacks to keep everything looking just as good as the first day. I was really lucky when I moved in as my home was a new build so the kitchen and bathroom were brand new, one year on they still look absolutely sparkling but that isn't always the case. If your bathroom needs a little love and rejuvenation it doesn't have to cost the world I've got 5 genius hacks to give your bathroom its sparkle back

Bathroom Tap

Freshen up your tiles

If your bathroom has any level of age then it's likely that your tiles don't look as sparkling as they used to. I've been using Rainbow Chalk's* range which includes a sealant pen and a grout pen to keep my tiles sparkling. The pens are really easy to use and work just like pens, I used them around the tiles in my shower which get the most use and found them really effective and easy to use and it gave a really noticeable difference in how fresh the sealant looked. It's the easiest way to whiten the dirty sealant and revive the tile grout, you'll be amazed how white it actually looks and how different it can be. Once this is completed make sure your tiles themselves are sparkling with a white vinegar and water solution it's a really good cleaning solution and will leave your tiles like new

Refresh your toilet

It's the job everyone hates most right? Cleaning the toilet is never a fun job, and it's always tricky to get absolutely everywhere. Get those marigolds on and get scrubbing it's the most effective way. However, when trying to clean the bowl one hack I use is Coca Cola or another carbonated drink. Empty it in your toilet bowl making sure you get it across as much of the sides as possible. Leave for 30 minutes then scrub as you normally would and flush. The carbonated drinks really help with stubborn marks and getting your toilet shining


One of the easiest ways of transforming your bathroom is bringing a little personality into the room, a lot of people leave it really clinical and bare but it doesn't have to be! Why not buy a funky shower curtain or toothbrush holders to give a little bit more personality. Even a succulent on a shelf give it a more homely feel. One product that's taken off is the bath shelf, a beautiful wooden shelf with candles, room for a wine glass and your iPad really really brings home that this is a place to relax

Shiny Metal

There's so much metal and chrome in a bathroom isn't there? From your sink taps to your shower head and everything in between. I clean mine with baby oil it really brings everything back to life and gives it a really sparkly sheen. Dab the metal with warm water then, a tiny bit of baby oil on a cloth to give it the shiny effect


You organise the rest of your home so why not your bathroom? If you have a sink unit, install a pole underneath, it serves a great place to hang the spray cleaning bottles and gives you extra space beneath it too. Baskets and clear storage help you keep check on toiletries you have, cleaning supplies you don't need to buy and just makes everything look much tidier

Bathroom Hacks You Need To Know

How do you keep your bathroom looking its best?


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