How to remodel your bathroom

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I was incredibly lucky moving into my home in that the Kitchen and Bathroom were brand new as it was a new build home and I understand that for a lot of people this isn't an option. If after cleaning up the bathroom it's still not hitting the mark then don't worry! Remodelling a bathroom doesn't need to be a distant dream and it can add such value onto your property it's definitely worth the investment

Bathroom Remodelled

First things first is deciding what you want to do with your bathroom, do you want to completely remodel it? If so then I recommend visiting the bathroom showroom in Harrogate* for a free consultation from one of the bathroom designers. It's a great first step to get a real feel for what possibilities could happen in your bathroom and how to achieve your dream set up. For example, I would adore a separate shower and a freestanding bath but for size issues, I don't know how realistic that is without visiting a showroom.

Another consideration when remodeling your bathroom is how accessible it should be. For lots of people taking a bath or shower is a complete chore because standard bathrooms are really difficult to navigate so could require specialist equipment such as a walk in bath or a shower with a seating area. Creating accessible bathrooms is no different to a normal bathroom just the items may differ so I'd follow the same process but try and use specialist suppliers as they will have a lot more information on what other things to consider and where to buy items such as grab rails etc.

Visit lots of showrooms and pore over interior posts and Pinterest to really understand what you want, bathrooms these days don't need to be dull and boring you can really bring life and personality into it, whether you want a white clean space or something a little more botanical with green vines and plants make sure you have a good idea of your larger items and the sizing you'll need. The venting system you'll have in place (it's recommended more than one option such as a fan and a window to help reduce damp and mildew) It's probably best you get a professional in for the plumbing work and installation of toilets, sinks and baths. Once the big items are complete the rest should be quite simple for you to renovate on your own

Once the larger items are professionally installed it's time to pick a theme and improve the general aesthetic of the room. What you decided to do here depends on your room, for example, if you have a small bathroom you should keep everything light and bright to give the appearance of a larger room, mirrored items and a high wattage bulb will give a really clean finish

If you have a much larger space to play with you might want to make a vanity area a focal point with a grand dressing unit to beautify yourself. One of the simplest ways to change the look of your bathroom is paint! A change of wall colour can really change the feel of a room, make sure you get bathroom appropriate paint and give it a spruce up.

Make sure you fill your bathroom with the things you love, fluffy towels, your favourite perfume bottles on display and really give it a luxurious yet personal feel

Remodelling a bathroom

What does your dream bathroom look like?