ImmotionVR at Xscape Yorkshire

Virtual Reality Simulators by ImmotionVR

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At the weekend Me and Connor went to Xscape Yorkshire for a day out. If you've never been it's based in Castleford at Jct32 and is basically a complete entertainment destination with tons of activities, shopping outlets and restaurants to make sure you can play, shop and eat all in one place. It's roughly an hour away from Sheffield in the car so it's a place I know quite well from previous visits but one new addition I hadn't checked out yet is ImmotionVR*. The UK's largest group of virtual reality experience and simulators that brings together excellent content creators and storytellers with motion platform technology to provide immersive VR experiences. I was really excited to try them out, so we made a beeline to the store to put them to the test 


ImmotionVR Simulators

My first impression is that the store was quite compact but perfectly formed, I imagine it can get quite busy but with 11 simulators there is definitely lots of room to rotate and make the most of your time in the store experiencing different types of simulators. 

Currently, there are four types of handheld simulators with a wide variety of games from shoot em up style zombie games to a job simulator game. This experience basically involves wearing a VR headset with headphones to complete the immersive experience and a gun for the shoot em up games. We really enjoyed this simulator we played a Coop zombie game called LA dead zone and worked together to attack all the zombies and defeat them. The graphics were fantastic and it felt so realistic when the zombies were right in your face

ImmotionVR PodImmotionVR Racer

Second, up on our virtual reality adventure, we trialled the VR Cinema Pods. There's a huge selection of games available from swimming with humpback whales to roller-coaster rides. We opted for one of the most popular experiences called 'Jinxed', this is basically a ghost train roller-coaster where you're transported into the strange and captivated world and guided by a very creepy looking clown along a roller-coaster track

Finally, we went on the virtual reality racing simulators, there are two options for this one. A more serious track race where you're at Silverstone (I found this one really difficult to navigate! I'm definitely not the next Lewis Hamilton) or a VR Racer which is more of a Mario Kart style race with more animation and fun aspects to the race. Both were really immersive but I definitely preferred the VR Racer

With the price of £20 for 30 minutes or £30 for a 1 hour session, I think it's a really affordable fun activity. Most of the experiences last around 5-10 minutes so you can really get good value for money especially for a 1 hour session


Have you ever been to a VR experience center?

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