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Sunday 23 June 2019

Hotel Du Vin York - Afternoon Tea Delights You Should Try

Champagne Afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin York

York is one of those places that I adore visiting, it's such a quaint city that has an oldy worldy feel combined with flashes of modern day life. I love that it embraces its history and maintains that magical feel. Diagon Alley in Harry Potter was based on the Shambles because of this it draws visitors from all around. One of the things York is renowned for is its wide array of afternoon tea venues. I had the opportunity to review the Champagne afternoon tea at Hotel Du Vin York* and I was very eager to get started. A quick train ride from Sheffield on what has to be one of the rainiest days in June I was thrilled to be out of the rain and welcomed into a beautiful space.

Hotel Du Vin York Afternoon Tea

The staff at Hotel Du Vin York are an absolute credit. From the very first instance of helping us out of our raincoats and umbrellas to explaining all about the afternoon tea and the options we had. Me and Connor first decided on our tea, he opted for a traditional English Breakfast tea whereas I went for the fruitier option of a fruit salad which intrigued me. It was divine, we both received a teapot of our choice and mine has whole raspberries giving the delicious fruit salad taste. We were both topped up on champagne throughout giving us plenty of drinking options

Champagne Afternoon Tea

Next up after a short break for us to fully enjoy our tea and champagne, came a beautiful tiered cake stand full to the brim of delicious treats.

Hotel Du Vin York Afternoon Tea Savoury Options

The savoury options were great, there were traditional options such as egg and cress mayonnaise and smoked salmon and cream cheese. But we both enjoyed the classics with a twist like the ham and gruyere croissant and the goat's cheese and spinach quiche. Everything was presented beautifully and was very fresh and flavoursome

But if I'm honest I'm all about the sweet stuff. I have the biggest sweet tooth and was salivating at all the options I saw presented in front of me

Hotel Du Vin York Afternoon Tea Sweet Options

First up we started with the scones and clotted cream, I can't even put into words how delicious they were! So crumbly and sweet, there was a selection of three jams on the table and a whole heap of clotted cream meaning you could go to town on topping the scone (which I did - sweet tooth remember) and I was so ecstatic that they lived up to expectations I devoured them.

The rest of the sweet treats didn't disappoint either, from the delicious rhubarb and custard tart which had the right balance of rhubarb, to the super chocolatey black forest gateau. Super colourful tutti frutti macarons and the nostalgic reminiscent pistachio pinwheel (reminded me of an old school swiss roll with updated flavours!) I was blown away with the quality of everything. The desserts were perfectly in proportion and had such a wide variety of tastes and flavours

I was positively stuffed after eating everything and the copious amounts of champagne drunk meant that I left Hotel Du Vin York with a huge grin on my face vowing to definitely return! With a price of £30PP for the Champagne afternoon tea, I think it's definitely earned its place at the top of my afternoon tea near me list. If you're not near york then check out this Harrods afternoon tea review, or if you'd prefer afternoon tea at home then check out this Piglets Pantry review

Hotel Du Vin Afternoon Tea

What's your favourite part of afternoon tea?

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  1. Oooh my goodness, these foods + treats look incredible. Seems like a lovely spot.

    1. It was absolutely incredible I highly recommend it!


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