Why I relaunched my Sheffield blog and how to do it

Guess who's back - Relaunching as a Sheffield Blogger

Well hello there stranger I'm Alice, you may remember me from such previous blogs as 'Alice Megan' or various other pseudonyms and designs over the years. You may be wondering what's changed around here and why? If you're new to the site then welcome have a read of the journey I've taken to get here. From starting a blog to finding a new direction and relaunching as a Sheffield Blogger
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Why am I relaunching my Sheffield blog?

Good question, after all my blog was steady I was posting regularly but I felt pressured. I blogged for the wrong reasons I was making content that I felt I needed to rather than what I wanted to write. I didn't have a niche, a structure and it was a free for all. I was writing but losing love for it. I decided to reflect and relaunch and follow a new path, a path that feels more natural as a Sheffield lifestyle blogger. I was born in Sheffield and lived here all my life, so I feel in a great position to be able to write about Sheffield.  From what's on, where to go and where to eat, plus so much more. Once I'd decided on my new niche and direction it was time to relaunch

How to start a blog

Relaunching was effectively like starting a blog all over again. I had to go right back to the start of my blogging journey to decide how I wanted my blog to look, feel. Plus all the little tinkering aspects that need changing, here are my top 5 tips for a relaunch

Decide where you want to host your blog

If you're starting from scratch or planning a relaunch you'll be starting again deciding where to host your blog whether you choose WordPress or blogger I recommend trialling both free blog versions to decide which interface you prefer. There are arguments for both, WordPress offers a lot more opportunities for customisation but I personally use blogger as I find it much simpler, I just use a vanity URL from 123reg to redirect my content and lose the .blogspot.com aspect of my URL

Decide on a design

There are countless designs you can have on your blog. The most important thing you need to look into is a responsive design, we mainly consume blog posts on mobile devices. It's crucial your blog can adapt it's design to this. I've got my new design from Syncboost on Etsy and I was really pleased with how easy the customisation is and the ease of the 'how to' guides

Content is king

It is and always will be king, have a strong plan for up to 10 posts upon launch so that any readers that come to your blog have something to read, somewhere to go and a reason to come back next time

Important installs

Make sure you install google analytics or change your web address in your existing analytics console so your service isn't disturbed, I'd also recommend logging into any other tools you use such as Google Ads, Skimlinks, Tailwind and make sure everything has been changed to your new address

Change your social media usernames

If you're taking blogging seriously or you've just changed like me and had a relaunch, make sure your social media accounts reflect these changes. I've changed all my usernames, made sure I have consistent profile images and changed my Bios to reflect my new venture as a Sheffield centric blogger

How to relaunch your blog

What are your top tips for starting a new blog?


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