Staying safe on the roads this Spring

How to stay safe on the road

Well, I'm not so sure, we're into March which I like to call Fools Spring. We have 2-3 days of glorious sunshine and then BAM storms, snow and terrible rainfall. It's enough to fool you into not taking an umbrella out and then getting you caught in the rain.

Car Dashboard Perspective

How to drive in Spring Weather

While forgetting your umbrella is completely harmless, forgetting your winter driving tips during Spring can be a lot more dangerous. The sun is shining but if the weather changes then so do the driving conditions and that can dramatically increase the dangers of driving. For example, emergency breaking in rainy conditions is double and 10x in snow or ice. Check out this video on winter driving and how it can affect the road and most importantly your #stoppingdistance:

Top Tips to Be Prepared

There are some really easy tips for making sure you're prepared no matter what the weather:

Car emergency kit

Have a car emergency kit in the car packed full of essential items such as a blanket and emergency snacks in case of breakdown. An ice scraper and de-icer even in the blaring sunshine because you never know. A torch in case of a night breakdown. Jump leads, atlas. Basically, anything you could need in case of a lack of technology during a breakdown


Check that your car is in tip-top shape from the tyre pressure to the tread, batteries and deeper under the engine Kwik Fit car servicing* have you covered and will check the condition of all the important aspects of your car

Check the weather

Do you know what weather you're expecting? Sounds silly right but check the weather before you set off, that way you're more likely to have the stuff you need handily than if you were caught by surprise

If you can avoid driving in bad weather then do it. The increase in accidents is astounding and I'm definitely not ashamed to admit that in my I still get public transport whenever there's snow I'm so not about that life. If you're unsure about driving in the weather then don't

Driving Safely in spring

What's your top tip for staying safe?


  1. It’s the sun I struggle with, when it’s so low you just can’t escape it.

    1. Completely!
      And then you're just in a quandary of what to do with your visor, should you wear sunglasses etc.


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