Winter driving tips for staying safe on the road

Winter Driving Tips How to stay safe on the road

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Road conditions can change so drastically in the time between Winter and Spring, weather can go from glorious sunshine to terrible storms, snow and rainfall so it's crucial that you're fully prepared so I've put together a few winter driving tips to keep you safe on the rain.


Winter Driving Tips for all weathers

While forgetting your umbrella is completely harmless, forgetting your winter driving tips can be a lot more dangerous. The sun is shining but if the weather changes then so do the driving conditions and that can dramatically increase the dangers of driving. 

For example, emergency breaking in rainy conditions is double and 10x in snow or ice. Check out this video on winter driving and how it can affect the road and most importantly your #stoppingdistance:

Top Tips to Be Prepared this Winter

There are some really easy tips for making sure you're prepared no matter what the weather:

Car emergency kit

Have a car emergency kit in the car packed full of essential items to tide you over in case of breakdown. An emergency kit should cover technical items such as jump leads, a spare tire, warning triangle and spare car fuses for small tasks you can probably complete yourself. It should also have further items such as a blanket, a torch, warm clothing, bottled water and emergency long life snacks such as a granola bar to keep your spirits up if it's going to take longer to fix during a breakdown. You can buy car emergency kits but most can be put together independently. Make sure you have an atlas too, or solar chargers - basically anything you could need in case of a lack of technology during a breakdown


Servicing isn't a legal requirement in the UK but it's highly recommended for many reasons. Regular servicing can identify problems before they become more serious. Essential checks are carried out on critical aspects of your vehicle such as braking and suspension to ensure they won't let you down. Servicing improves the life span of your car and you can be safe in assuming your car is roadworthy and in tip-top shape. Kwik Fit car servicing* have you covered and will check the condition of all the important aspects of your car giving you that peace of mind during your winter driving

Check the weather

Do you know what weather you're expecting? Sounds silly right but check the weather before you set off, that way you're more likely to have the stuff you need handily than if you were caught by surprise

If you can avoid driving in bad weather then do it. The increase in accidents is astounding and I'm definitely not ashamed to admit that in I still get public transport whenever there's snow I'm so not about that life. If you're unsure about driving in the weather then don't for the safety of everyone

Winter Driving Tips

What's your Winter Driving tip for staying safe on the road?


  1. It’s the sun I struggle with, when it’s so low you just can’t escape it.

    1. Completely!
      And then you're just in a quandary of what to do with your visor, should you wear sunglasses etc.


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