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Tuesday 17 September 2019

A Complete Blogging Checklist to do every day

How I keep organised with my daily blogging checklist

I've been blogging on and off
 for over 5 years now under various guises but always while either studying at university or holding down a full time job, because of this my daily blogging checklist has been an absolute lifesaver for keeping me organised and on schedule. So I thought I'd share my blogger to do list and the tools I use to keep me on track

Daily Blogging Checklist

Blogging Checklist Tools

So for my to-do list I always have a project book* like when I was at school, it helps me keep organised and compartmentalise different aspects of blogging. I also use an Eligo desk expander* to keep everything organised from blogging course materials, invoices, tax returns (check this post to find out everything you need to know about your blogging tax return), even lists of ideas. I tend to have a section each for each area of my blog too. This is where I can file away tickets to shows and events I need to write up, articles from magazines that interested me and ideas for blog content.

When I'm creating my to-do lists I use my Stabilo Highlighters* to organise my thoughts, I find that assigning a different colour to each area of my blog gives me a good idea of what tasks I'm completing and which ones I should focus on more. Each day I'll highlight the tasks I complete and switch my focus if I'm using too much of one colour/task. I even colour coordinate my 101 goals too. I get all of my beautiful Stationery and office supplies from Office Monster - even if you're not a business there are some fabulous deals.

That's the blogging tools out of the way now onto my daily blogging checklist

Daily Blogging Checklist

  • Write a new post including images and SEO
  • Publish a new post
  • Add a new post idea onto my editorial calender
  • Respond to comments and comment on 5 new blogs
  • Edit an old post ensuring links are updated and backlinking to relevant new posts
  • Post a new grid post
  • Create a new story post
  • Engage with anyone who's liked commented etc.
  • Follow new/relevant users
  • Schedule new post including 30 relevant hashtags
  • Respond to comments
  • Check new and trending topics and contribute
  • Follow new/relevant users
  • Share and promote both new and old posts
  • Check hashtags for potential opportunities such as #prrequest
  • Create a new pin 
  • Repin 15 new pins
  • Repin my own pins from other repinners 
  • Post pins and contribute to group boards
  • Explore, comment and pick up ideas for new posts
  • Follow a new blog via bloglovin or RSS feed
  • Read and comment on new posts
  • Check and clear emails, chasing invoices etc.
  • Pitch to one new client a day
  • Facebook group contributions, join 10 new threads

That's 25 individual tasks a day, some of these can be completed in less than 5 minutes, some take quite a bit longer but I start with a fresh list every day, I'll star 5 and thats my focus for the day everything else additional is a bonus.

Blogging Checklist

What's on your daily blogging checklist?

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  1. Loved reading this and seeing what you prioritize daily for your blog. I think it's super important to set aside time each day for engagement / support on others' blogs as well! Great post

    1. Engagement is so important! And I love reading others blogs

  2. You are a well oiled machine and I aspire to this level of organization. Typically, how long does it take to execute this checklist?

    1. I can usually do most of the social stuff in around an hour, but solidly lets say 3 hours to perfectly execute everything I want to

  3. Such a useful list for everything. I'm so bad at Pinterest, I get sidetracked by other pins, haha. And one thing I always forget to do is update old posts with links and SEO. There just aren't enough hours in the day but I'm bookmarking your list as something to aspire to - thank you for sharing! Lisa x

    1. I know what you mean it's so easy to get distracted, I think in order of importance Pinterest is super high on socials I definitely get the most traffic from there

  4. This is a great check list. Pinterest is one of the areas I need to work on. It's interesting to see how you fit it in with your own schedule.

    Kim |

    1. Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic I definitely recommend starting to utilise it

  5. Very good tips - practical and straightforward! Such advice is very hard to find but is immensely appreciated!

  6. There are so many tasks that go into blogging! This checklist is so helpful xx

    Lauren |

    1. It's crazy how much work we actually put in really


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