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Thursday 27 February 2020

Blog Highlights February 2020

Must read blog posts this month: February 2020

We're coming to the end of another month in 2020 and I've been reading more and more blogs to showcase the best of what I've been reading. You can check back on my January recommendations here so lets go here are the must read blog posts this month

You Should Really Read...

  • Mini film reviews - 6 mini movie reviews including some new to cinema and some much older must watches too. I'm an avid cinemagoer so I love reading what other people have been watching to decide what my next movie should be
  • Can't we just talk - Continuing with the watching something theme is this post all about Love is Blind on netflix. If you haven't started watching it what are you waiting for? I'm eagerly awaiting the finale on Thursday
  • Spring Clean Your Blog - I'm so guilty of just writing and running sometimes and forgetting to do actual maintenance on my blog and little niggly jobs like broken links so this post was perfectly timed to give me a kick up the bum
  • The wedding traditions we will and won't be doing - 7 months to go till my big day! And if you're married or getting married you'll know that everyone has opinions and views on how things should go and traditional aspects. We're not very traditional so it was good to read someone elses view of what they're choosing to do

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  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. i legit just had a mini freak out(!!!) hadn't realised i'd been featured in this. TOO. cool. thank you, love!! :'D


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