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Monday 14 December 2020

Sheffield Takeaways near me #5

Sheffield Takeaways Near Me Reviews

The fifth edition of my Sheffield Takeaways series and I'm making a serious dent in my try every takeaway 101 in 1001 goal. Lockdown 2.0 has meant this edition has come around super quickly. We should've been going on our honeymoon in November and instead we were still at home and I'm on furlough, so we've spoilt ourselves a little with delicious choices 
Check out my older editions as they're all still delivering in lockdown / tier 3 too:

Smoke BBQ

Smoke BBQ

Location: S1 2NB
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 5pm - 10pm weekdays, 12pm - 10:30pm weekends
Ordered: Build your own pit plate (hot link sausage and hot wings) and Fralapenos
Price Point: £22 + £3.49 delivery + 49p service charge
Comment: Mega expensive but absolutely restaurant quality so worth it. Everything does get delivered in one box, so the chips are slightly greasier than if eating instore but I still enjoyed every bite. Plus it was nice eating it at home because you don't have to maintain a level of elegance when eating wings


Location: S1 4EZ
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 11:30am - 9pm
Ordered: Butterfly chicken and 2 sides
Price Point: £10.75 + Free delivery
Comment: Fun fact, since March I've not eaten in a Nandos, we tried in August and the wait was a ridiculous 2 hours! So we skipped and ordered delivery, it arrived within 30 minutes and was absolutely delicious. Everything is packaged so well, it was piping hot and has become a firm favourite when I can get free delivery

Imran's Diner Wicker

Imrans Wicker

Location: S3 8JD
Hygiene Rating: 4/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 12pm - 2am (4am weekends)
Ordered: Pizza + Chicken Nuggets meal + Ketchup
Price Point: £13.42 + Free delivery + £2.49 Service Charge
Comment: Imran's is a pizza place I know of and have never tried so thought it was worth a go, the service charge was expensive but I did get free delivery. The pizza was super tasty, the base was really crisp and the toppings flavoursome and fresh - definitely order again


Amigos Sheffield Pizza
Location: S2 1FF
Hygiene Rating: 3/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 4:45pm - 2:10am
Ordered: Meal Deal 1 (2 pizzas and fries) + fries
Price Point: £12.30 + £1 delivery + 50p Service Charge
Comment: Super cheap and tasty, the price covered both of us and we usually spend around the £20 mark for a good takeaway. The pizza was slightly greasier than I like but still tasted amazing

Captain Cod

Captain Cod
Location: S13 8HN
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 12pm - 8:30pm
Ordered: Battered Sausage and Chips + Fish and Chips and a bread roll 
Price Point: £10.35 + £2.50 delivery + 50p Service Charge
Comment: I'm never sure about ordering a chippy tea delivered because I think there's more that can go wrong compared to a pizza but Captain Cod did not disappoint. The chips were piping hot and really fresh and delicious. The sausage was only slightly battered which is fine to my tastes - we'll definitely order this again


Marantos Sheffield
Location: S12 4WD
Hygiene Rating: Awaiting Inspection
Opening Time / Delivery: 4pm - 1:30am
Ordered: Meal Deal 1 (2 pizzas, garlic bread, 2 fries, wings, dips and drink)
Price Point: £19.99 + £1.50 delivery + 50p Service Charge
Comment: Fab deal for this one it gave us so much food! The pizza was really tasty, it didn't cost me extra for stuffed crust with the choice I picked but it was slightly burnt on one side, I imagine it touched the cooker slightly. It still tasted amazing and we'd definitely order again

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