5 Sheffield Takeaways Near Me #3

Sheffield Takeaways Near Me

Back on my 101 in 1001 goals list was to try Takeaways that deliver to me, I didn't realise that my love for eating out and trying new Sheffield restaurants and independent spaces would take on a whole at home meaning during 2020 but here we are. It's meant that I'm now onto the 3rd edition of my Takeaway run through which I hope you're still enjoying - don't forget to check back on Takeaways #1 and Takeaways #2 as they're all still open and delicious! If you are local to Sheffield I hope you find a new place to try

Dial A Pizza Express

Dial A Pizza Express Sheffield

Location: S2 1GQ
Hygiene Rating: 4/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 5pm - 10:45pm
Ordered: Della Kebab Pizza + Fries + Cheese Garlic Bread 
Price Point: £12.20 + £1.50 delivery + 50p service charge
Comment: Extra spices on the pizza were tasty, gave it a really nice garlicky edge. Took quite a while for delivery but did get a free Garlic Bread for the wait

Pizza City and Indian Cuisine 

Pizza City and Indian Cuisine Sheffield

Location: S2 2AD
Hygiene Rating: 2/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 5pm - 11:30pm
Ordered: Pizza Offer 4 (two 12" Pizzas, Garlic bread with cheese, Fries and a Bottle of Coca Cola) + Fries
Price Point: £20.60 + £1 delivery + 50p service charge
Comment: Good deal options, the fries were delicious really crispy.

Tasty Meals

Tasty Meals Takeaway Sheffield

Location: S8 8DX
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 4pm - 10:40pm
Ordered: Dalla 7' Pizza + Chicken Strip Meal + Dip
Price Point: £8.19 + £3.50 delivery + 50p service charge
Comment: Really affordable food, crazy high delivery prices! It can range between £1.50 and £3.50 I imagine based on difference. Food was still piping hot and delicious on arrival

Location: S1 2GB
Hygiene Rating: 5/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 11:30am - 10pm
Ordered: Deal for Three+ (2 sharing pizzas, 2 sides and a bottle of pop)
Price Point: £29.99 + £2.49 delivery + 49p service charge
Comment: Always an expensive choice but I normally love Pizza Hut, I was really disappointed this time. The pizza was barely warm and the sides (fries and cheese garlic bread) were soggy and just a bit sad. We normally have Pizza hut from a pure delivery unit, not a restaurant one and I definitely won't be returning to the restaurant one for delivery again as for the price it's not worth it

Location: S12 2AG
Hygiene Rating: 3/5
Opening Time / Delivery: 4:30pm - 11:30pm
Ordered: Della Pizza + Margherita Pizza + Chicken Strips Meal + chips + ketchup
Price Point: £18.57 + £1 delivery + 50p service charge
Comment: Love this place, really affordable, really quick to arrive and we even got a free garlic bread (I assume for spending over a certain amount). One of the only takeaways local to me that know the difference between a green chilli and jalapenos.

Sheffield Takeaways Near Me

What kind of takeaways should I try next?