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Monday 17 August 2020

COMPETITION - Win Countryside Contemplations and Walking Contemplations Book

Win a copy of the Countryside and Walking Contemplations books

Lockdown has taught us many things, from how to be more frugal with food, to having date nights at home and everything in between. When we look back and reflect on this time we'll remember how much our country pulled together despite everything, how our daily walks became a ritual and how to find the happiness in every moment
Countryside Contemplations Trigger Publishing

I've been reviewing the Countryside Contemplations and Walking Contemplations series of books from Trigger Publishing who focus on mental health and wellbeing publications and the books have really taught me a lot about being mindful

Countryside Contemplations

This beautifully curated book focuses on the wonder of the natural world featuring quotes, extracts and poetry about the countryside plus a few customs. It allows you to take a breath of fresh air and focus on your wellbeing in the open world. Slow down and enjoy what's around you

Walking Contemplations

Focusing on folklores, wisdoms, quotes and words to walk by this book will help put you in a positive mindset for any walking you need. After lockdown we've realised just how precious it is to be allowed to walk and explore our surroundings so take that step and rediscover the mindful art of walking

I found both books to be utterly beautiful. They're not the kind of books you'll sit and read cover to cover, more you'll come to them as you need the words. You'll find the words you need to keep you going and to bring you peace 

Fancy winning your own copies? I've got a copy of each book that you can win below. There will be two winners each winning their choice of book

Outdoor Quotes Books

What's your favourite walking or countryside quote?

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