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Thursday 13 August 2020

How to take the perfect holiday selfie

Tips and tricks for perfect travel selfies

We're in prime summer and holiday time for the UK so whether you're visiting one of the few places on our travel corridors or exploring the gorgeous british isles you'll want to document your journey and memories with lovely photos. Whether these are family photos or landscapes they're fairly easy to take but what about the elusive selfie? How on earth do you master the selfie without looking like it being an obvious selfie?
Selfie Bag

I've been using this gorgeous Selfie Bag and the tools inside it to master my selfie photography, I've put together some tips and tricks for you to get the pictures you want

Use a Timer / Remote Control

This is one of the biggest tips, just because it's a selfie doesn't mean it needs to be at arms length and just have your face in it. Use a tripod with a remote like the one included with the selfie bag, this allows you to get your picture of exactly what you're looking for, pick your pose, lighting etc. and just click your remote. It frees up your hands and makes the picture look like someone else has taken it

Laugh, Smile and Pose!

Selfies don't need to look overly in your face, in fact my favourite ones look more candid and the trick to that is to laugh, smile, remember something funny and just act natural. You have the remote button so take lots of pictures of you laughing and acting silly you'll find those pictures look more natural than overly posed ones 

Time it right

If you're wanting to take pictures of famous landmarks, popular areas but don't want a crowd then you need to time it right. Head out early morning to get a quieter shot than the middle of the day. If you do have people around why not get them to take your picture? Whatever you do don't let people put you off. These people are strangers and you'll never see them again but you'll love the memories and pictures you take so suck it up and get the picture you want

Lighting is everything

Along with timing for a quieter time you should try and time for the best natural light you can, the selfie bag comes with a pop up reflector and a selfie light to help you maximise the light or create your own light if it's darker. Play around with shadows and work out the best angles for the light you've got

Live a little

Most importantly I think is enjoying yourself, the pictures you'll look back on and cherish are the ones full of love and laughter and happiness not the one you spent hours creating. Take a picture, but let the small stuff slide and make sure you make the memories to accompany the pictures

Perfect Selfies

What's your top selfie tip?

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