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Friday 28 August 2020

How to Celebrate your almost wedding

How to celebrate being nearly-weds

First off let's all just take a minute to whinge and moan and cry. If you're reading this you're probably part of the 64% who've had their 2020 wedding affected by Covid19. We are within that number and it still drives me crazy that I'm not going to be a Mrs in September but the world did not want to play ball this time. There's lots going on right now and everyone seems to be in a different situation and coping differently. I just want to say it's absolutely ok to be sad and even get annoyed at the 'it's for the best' people. It's also absolutely wonderful if you're going ahead with a smaller ceremony and I really commend you for doing that.

But this post is about those of us who have postponed for whatever reason, ours is that we are completely in love with our venue Abbeydale Picturehouse and didn't want to have it anywhere else, it also gives us a little more time to save and have a few extras we thought were out of our budget before. So what do you do on your should have been wedding day?
Wedding Dress Photography

I know everyone will probably want to celebrate differently so this isn't a catch all just a few ideas on cute ways to celebrate if you still want to mark the day

Spend the day planning your new wedding

Hopefully this hasn't come completely out of the blue and you've had time to sort the big important things like moving your suppliers over and sorting wedding insurance etc. but there's always something new to do with wedding planning. Now you have a new date why not mark your old date by spending the day planning with your partner. You've basically now got a blank slate in regards to theming, colour schemes, stationery and all of the smaller details to make the day your day. Now you have a new date why not design a new invitation or save the date? Understandably money will have been spent on this the first time around so utilise online tools such as a monogram app to help you create a new design.

The app is incredibly simple with a whole host of font options, frame options and ways you can adjust the layers to make it perfectly yours. Once you've created your design you can download it and just upload onto any printing website and there you go! Personalised Monograms you can place on your new save the dates, favours all of your new wedding stationery.

If you do this a few days in advance by the time your almost wedding day arrives you should have all your new save the dates and other elements you've decided on, you can put on your wedding playlist and get back into that envelope stuffing. It's a great way to mark that your new date is real and make the steps to building the excitement across all your guests too.

Involve your suppliers

You've entrusted these people with one of the most important days of your life, and if anyone wants to celebrate with you it's your suppliers. They're having a really tough time too with all the wedding cancellations so support them however you can and enjoy elements of your day but in a new fashion.

Maybe have an impromptu photoshoot with your photographer to celebrate your almost day - we're heading to where we got engaged and getting dressed up to take some beautiful pictures. I want to mark the day and remember it in years to come when it all just seems like a bad nightmare.

What about your caterers? Are they offering take-out options or could you arrange a nice sit down meal at your would be venue. Our wedding is going to be super informal so we'll be hitting up our suppliers for Pizza and Cinema Snacks to enjoy at home

Just because you don't have a wedding doesn't mean you can't get your beauty on. Why not see if your make up artist and hairdresser are free. Have a gorgeous pamper day, get your nails done and go out with your partner for a romantic meal (at your venue if they're open) it's a good time to have a 'trial' for your big day and see just how you'd like your hair and make up

Have a small gathering

Obviously, this one is entirely dependent on your current local lockdown rules and restrictions. But why not gather together your favourite people and enjoy a few drinks, a BBQ and some party tunes to practice your wedding moves for the big day.

Have a joint Hen / Stag which you'd never normally do (obviously still have your separate ones nearer the time) but really camp up on the fake veil, bow ties, games and just have a laugh with your friends and family

Don't mention the W word

As I said at the beginning everyone is at a completely different stage with their postponement plans and I can completely understand if people don't really want to mark the day with anything 'weddingy' as it might just make you sad. If you want to spend the whole day in your pyjamas binge watching netflix and consuming your body weight in ice-cream then absolutely do that! Whatever is needed to cope and will make you happy today.

Maybe even go out and do something completely non wedding related like a nice walk in the countryside or a fun activity like going to the cinema, either way, make sure you're on the same page with your significant other and however you decide to mark the day just see it as a stepping stone to something wonderful.

A postponement is nobody's plan but in the grand scheme of things you're going to spend the rest of your lives together so lean on each other, remember why you fell in love in the first place and let this day pass and crank up the excitement for your new day

How would you mark your almost wedding day?

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