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Tuesday 11 August 2020

Date Nights at Home with Box42

Box42 Date Night in a Box

We're in the middle of a global pandemic (SURPRISE! not) so date nights have taken a bit of a back seat with most couples not being able to head out to enjoy time together, I'd put together a few date night ideas but the guys at Box42 have solved any date night problems completely. They've put together unique themed date night boxes that give you the complete date experience right at home. You can subscribe to get a new themed box each month or just buy a one off for a special occasion. 
Box42 Date Night Box

What's in the box?

Each month is a totally unique theme but you will always receive a full date night guide including fun date night activities, indie snacks and drinks to enjoy during your date night, themed accessories to get you into the mood of your date, a curated playlist and a menu for suggested food and drinks to complete your date

The box we received was the Casino night box, I got an email when my box shipped with a few details including the menu for our date night meal allowing me to prep beforehand and make sure we had everything in the house. It also had everything you needed to complete the activities listed and a casino guide. The guide was brilliant in explaining the activities, the rules of poker and even suggestions for other 2 player card games or films to watch to carry on the evening 

The Date Night

As we've not been going out too much it was a really nice change to actually have a proper date night that consisted of something other than watching tv!

Box42 Casino Date Night
We cheated slightly on the menu because it's the weekend so we ordered some food in to eat during our date but I've kept the menu card for a midweek treat. After setting the kitchen up to be our own casino and set the curated playlist going we got to work on the activities. There were 3 activities lined up in the book to complete and then a whole host of ways of continuing the date

First up was creating an accessory for each other so we decorated our lovely bow ties with the fabric pens provided which was a nice starter activity and very funny seeing our creations. Next up was playing poker, the guide gives suggestions on what to bet and how to play. We decided to mix it up a little and turn it into a drinking game involving shots for the loser which was a lot of fun - turns out Connor is absolutely terrible at Poker!

Finally was Relationship snap, we really enjoyed this, you play snap with the cards provided and if you win the hand the other player has to answer a question from the relationship roulette - this is such a good way to get talking to each other. You can live with each other and talk daily but do you ever ask fun questions or questions to learn more? We found this aspect really good, it was nice to chat and learn like when we first met.

After the snap game there were options of another 3-4 card games or links to watch casino themed movies or Cirque de Soliel type shows on Youtube.

All in all we absolutely loved the date night box, all we had to think about was the food everything else was thought about and planned for us and it got us having a date night we would have never planned ourselves at home so we really enjoyed it there's a free virtual date night on their website if you want a feel for Box42 but you absolutely won't regret it 

For £33 for a one off box or £29 for a monthly subscription its incredibly affordable and much cheaper than an outside date night (what are those again? ) plus it's way more inventive than any date we would have planned 

Box42 Date Nights

What date night theme would you enjoy?

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