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Thursday 3 December 2020

5 Quick Tips for updating your online dating profile

How to make this dating profile the last one you'll ever need to create

Online dating can be such a drag! Working out which site is the best fit for you, filling in what feels like a million pages all about you to get zero matches at the end of it. What are you doing wrong? 

Strawberries arranged into the word Love

I used to be that person, and then I become one of those smug people who found the one on a dating site and now I won't shut up about online dating because I genuinely know it works and knows it can be succesful 

So let's focus on what you can change, and how to attract the right person to your profile. 

[1] Choosing your dating site

There are quite literally dating sites for every single thing you can think of whether that's specific age focused sites, hobby focused or location focused like the free dating sites Cambridgeshire*. 

The first step to being succesful is deciding where you should make your profile - don't just make a profile on every site it comes across as desperate and will also drive you crazy checking them all every day. Find one that meets your needs and preferences and give it a solid go at finding a partner. I'd persnally recommend focusing on a location focused site such as dating agency Cambridgeshire* - statistically the nearer you are to someone the easier it will be to form a successful relationship

[2] A picture paints a thousand words

The profile picture. The first and single most important part of your profile by far, yes people can say it's about personality but until you've spoken to the person the first thing you see and make impressions on are the photos - so make them count. 

A good average is 5 pictures. Too many and it will feel like looking through a photo album, too few and it's hard to know if it was just good lighting. Of those 5 pictures you need a very clear face picture with great lighting where you look happy - surprisingly if you look miserable people will assume you are and won't want to know more. 

The remaining 4 should all be of you in different places, with different people, within the last year or two at most and preferably at least 2 showing full body. Action shots do really well, show a little personality and a fun hobby, and give the viewer a peek into what your life is like

We're trying to make your profile a success - so being upfront from the start of what you look like right now is how to attract the right person. A flattering picture from 5 years ago won't help you now. 

[3] Writing a dating profile

Your profile is exactly that, a profile. A quick bio into your life and a short synopsis of who you are. You need to give enough information to gain interest but not too much that you'll bore them or have nothing to talk about on a first date.

Think of it as a CV and follow similar tactics such as no slagging off the person before (bosses or exes) in fact don't mention them at all. Try not to waffle and include cliches a plenty because there's hundreds of profiles out there you need to stand out - nobody else is you and that is your power and draw.

Be specific. Don't include phrases such as I like to travel and eat out, they're so incredibly vague and it doesn't tell the person about you at all. Instead mention where, what, who, why. For example 
I like to travel abroad especially to Italy because I'm in love with all things Pizza and Pasta.
You've told them the exact same thing about travelling and food but given more context and specific examples they can use to start a conversation.

[4] Be Responsive

The world we live in is fast-paced and thanks to our phones and social media there's never a time we're not accessible. Now I'm not saying respond within a second. But people are looking on dating sites for someone to talk to, to build a conversation. If they have to wait 3-4 business days for a response, chances are someone else is talking to them faster.

I'd always aim to reply to messages within a 6 hour period, this keeps the conversation you were having relevant and active. Once you've established a conversation you can even set aside an agreed time to sit and talk continuously. It's a fish eat fish world in the dating sphere so you need to give it attention to keep the fire burning.

[5] Have Fun

Not specifically for updating the actual profile but more your mindset towards dating and online dating. STOP looking for the one. Genuinely that desperation stank can be smelt for miles, the clinginess and neediness is a huge no and will likely attract the wrong kinds of people, online dating can become addictive too. Have fun with online dating but make sure you love yourself first. A happy confident singleton is more likely to find someone desperately seeking their other half. Being a complete person on your own is attractive, you're seeking someone to compliment you not complete you so have fun with dating, make it enjoyable and stop taking it so seriously not every person you speak to will be a good fit - and that's ok! It's nice to talk, it's good experience and means if you do happen across the one you've worked out even further what you're looking for

Updating Dating Profile

What are your top tips for online dating?


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